Visit of 5-Member Parliamentary Delegation from United Kingdom (UK) to Pakistan from 25-29 August 2019.


A 5-member delegation of British Parliamentarians, led by MP Khalid Mahmood, and comprising MP Imran Hussain and Rt. Hon. Stephen Timms, called on the Foreign Minister and discussed the current deteriorating human rights situation in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IOJ&K). The delegation is on a 4-day visit to Pakistan.

The Foreign Minister apprised the delegation of the illegal unilateral actions by India in IOJ&K and the ruthless military siege of the valley which has continued consecutively for three weeks, without any respite, despite international condemnation and censure. The Foreign Minister emphasized that the nefarious attempts by India to alter the disputed status of IOJ&K is a clear violation of numerous United Nations Security Council resolutions on Jammu & Kashmir. India has severed all lines of communication cutting off millions of Kashmiris from the world. The international media and other reputable human rights organizations continue to report on night raids by Indian occupation forces, abduction of young boys, sexual assault of women, torture and lack of access to food and essential medicines.

The United Nations Security Council Consultation on Jammu & Kashmir dispute, which India frenetically tried to stop, is a testimony to the fact that this is an internationally recognized dispute. Indian actions are a grave, destabilizing threat to the already volatile situation in South Asia and could have serious implications. The United Nations Security Council has a role to ensure peace and security in the region. Pakistan has expressed its concerns to the international community about Indian divisionary tactics, including the escalation at the LoC and the Working Boundary and the possibility of an Indian false flag operation.

The Foreign Minister reiterated that Pakistan will go to every forum to ensure that Indian atrocities in IOJ&K are halted and the dispute is resolved in line with the aspirations of the Kashmiris and the UNSC resolutions. He also reaffirmed Pakistan’s principled political, diplomatic and moral support to the Kashmiris in their just struggle for the right to self-determination.

The Foreign Minister stressed the efforts of the Pakistani and Kashmiri diaspora and stated that every effort is critical in raising the issue of gross human rights violations in IOJ&K in the Europe and beyond. He stated that consistent efforts are required to sensitize the international community regarding the deplorable situation of human rights in IOJ&K. The Foreign Minister lauded efforts of the British Parliamentarians in highlighting the Jammu and Kashmir dispute.

The members of the UK Parliamentary delegation recognized Pakistan’s concerns regarding the latest developments in IOJ&K and stated that the continued curfew as well as potentially serious human rights abuses not being reported due to the blanket media blackout deserve the attention of the international community.


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