H.E. Mr. Elyor Ganiev, Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan along with seven members’ delegation called on the Hon’ble Federal Minister for NFS&R today here in Islamabad. Federal secretary and other senior officials of the ministry were also present in the important meeting. Matters relating to cotton, direct trade & coming session of JIGC (Joint Inter-Governmental Commission) were discussed.

In JIGC meeting matters related to communication, defense, trade and agricultural cooperation are discussed.
Pakistan has good ties with its brotherly Muslim country since its independence from the former USSR. The Prime Minister of Pakistan paid an official visit to Uzbekistan in 2015.

The proposed areas of bilateral cooperation in the field of agriculture are: import/export of livestock items. Both countries may provide market access to each other’s livestock products. Similarly, areas like exchange of elite germplasm/genetic resources of cotton, rice and wheat to develop high yielding hybrids and varieties resistant to emerging stresses. Both countries could work together for suitable agricultural technologies for adaption to climate change.

Federal Minister Mehboob Sultan said that Pakistan firmly believes in direct trade between the two countries for the benefit of both economies. He added that in agricultural machineries, biological pest management both countries could enter into joint ventures. Moreover in the field of cotton MoU between the two countries could also be signed in future.

The Federal Minister said the draft MoU is important to institutionalize bilateral cooperation in the field of agriculture. The MoU may be signed during the next Session of JIGC. He further said my predecessor Minister for NFS&R along with some other officials visited Uzbekistan aiming to explore opportunities for enhancement of our bilateral cooperation in the field of agriculture.

Sahibzada Mehboob Sultan said exchange of germplasm of various agricultural commodities, farm machinery and other areas of agriculture will be strengthened under the institutional framework provided under this MoU. The Minister added that after the 6th Session of Pakistan – Uzbekistan Inter-Governmental Commission (IGC), the two sides will continue to pursue common goals of economic development.

H.E. Mr. Elyor Ganiev said that Uzbekistan wants to establish long-term bilateral cooperation in the field of agriculture and livestock. He added our visit meant to achieve highest level of relations especially in agriculture and trade. His Excellency Mr. Elyor Ganiev said, last year the trade between the two countries increased three times and the two nations are capable of increasing it ten times. There is a great need for developing transport corridor between the two countries as transportation is expensive despite the distance of only 700 Kms, railway through Afghanistan would be beneficial for the countries in the region.

Mr. Elyor Ganiev said that we could mutually work out strategies both in transfer of cotton germplasm and mechanization.


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