TTP has been assured, should not take any steps that will cause trouble for Pakistan.


Khawaja Hamza

If you look, India has been trying for a long time that their should be coordination between the TTP and the Baloch militants and these people should work together because it could do great harm to Pakistan.For the time being if Baloch militants meet with TTP, then of course there is a problem for the security agencies and the establishment of Pakistan, but I do not think that there will be much damage. The reason is that the TTP people who were in Kandahar and these areas once a home for Baloch militants, especially in Kandahar, they can no longer operate in this way because a message has been sent to the Afghan Taliban or the Afghan government if you take any such action which will cause trouble for Pakistan will increase our troubles. TTP has been assured that you should not take any steps that will cause trouble for Pakistan. This is also a disgrace to the Afghan government internationally because at the international level it is said that Afghan soil should not be used against anyone in terms of terrorism, if the TTP people join hands with the Baloch militants and do terrorism in Pakistan, then the problems of the TTP will increase. It will also be a problem for Pakistan, but it is easy to take action against them and control them because Pakistan also operates inside Afghanistan. If you remember the way peoples of army were attacked in Waziristan, the next day they went inside Afghanistan and bombed the Khost area. The TTP people were killed so I think now TTP will also take thoughtful action as far as the Baloch militants is concerned they want as many people working against Pakistan to come, join and work with them but the security agencies in Balochistan are very active, so I don’t think they will have much success. It may be a temporary problem for Pakistan’s security agencies, but it will not be a big success for the Baloch militants.

The Afghan Taliban are playing the role of mediator between the TTP and the Pakistani government, so if they make a plan together with the Baloch militants, then it will have a negative impact on the negotiations , so I don’t think the Baloch militants or TTP will have a big success in this regard because the TTP people now want to sit with the Pakistani government and find a way out because there is a lot of pressure on them because of the Afghan Taliban to solve your case with Government of Pakistan ,I think it will have a bad effect on the ongoing talks with Pakistan. The talks will fail again. The TTP people who are serious and want talks will oppose it. The Afghan Taliban are also trying to convince the TTP that they will not do so because the Pakistani government will not be ready to accept this at the moment and the talks will fail.

If we talk about FATA integration and future plans, I think it is impossible if FATA merger reversed then there will be public opposition as well, and the Taliban have made it a strict condition only to increase their weight and to enforce their terms so that they can bargain easily. They also know that this is not possible. If there is international pressure,then maybe otherwise I don’t think the merger will be reversed . This is a condition but it will be an unfulfilled condition.


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