Visiting Sikhs refuse to meet Indian diplomats over controversial film

Verifying the incident, Pakistan’s Sikh Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee and Matrooka Waqf Imlan Board authorities said based in Pakistan, Indian High Commissioner Ajay Basariya and his wife wanted to prostrate at the Gurdwara and meet the Sikh pilgrims visiting Pakistan.

However, upon his arrival, the Sikh pilgrims visiting Pakistan planned a protest. Sikhs from all over the world are enraged over the Indian SC’s verdict allowing film Nanak Shah Fakir‘s release across the country on April 13, Baisakhi.

Earlier, Sikh pilgrims stopped Indian ambassadors from entering various Gurdwaras. The Sikhs imposed a ban on all the Gurdwaras including that of Britain and other countries in this regard.

In April, the Sikh community participating in the Besakhi Mela and Khalsa’s birthday refused to meet Indian ambassadors in Pakistan.

Staff of the Indian High Commission have also been prevented from entering Nankana Saheb. The measure has been taken to protest against a Bollywood film misrepresenting the biographical accounts of Guru Nanak.

In an exclusive interview a leader of the recently arrived Sikh delegation, Sardar Gurmit Singh, said the controversial film had hurt the sentiments of the entire community for which the protest was organised. “The Bandhak community has also joined the protest at Shromni Gurdwara,” he said, revealing that the producer of the controversial film has been declared an infidel.

Singh also slammed India for running a mala fide campaign against Pakistan.

Pakistan denies inciting Sikhs on ‘Khalistan’ issue

He said the negative propaganda from across the border had spread fear among Sikhs visiting the country. “I personally contacted my Sikh comrades to clarify the situation,” Singh remarked. He maintained that the Indian media has been trying hard to malign the image of Pakistan by misrepresenting our protest. “The file footage shown by Indian media portrays us as unsafe in Pakistan which is against the facts,” he said


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