Special Meeting of National Task Force on Combating Terrorist Financing held in NACTA.


The 10th monthly meeting of the National Task Force on Combating Financing of Terrorism (CFT) was held in NACTA Headquarters Islamabad today, the 3rd August, 2018. Dr. Sulaman Khan, National Coordinator NACTA, presided over the meeting. The meeting was attended by all the 27 members of the Task Force from Federal and Provincial Governments and other organizations, including FIA, FBR, ANF, SBP, FMU, SECP, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Interior and provincial Home Departments and CTDS. The day long marathon meeting remained focused on the implementation of the FATF Action Plan.
All the stakeholders required to implement the Action Plan made their respective presentations and apprised the participants of the actions taken so far in this regard. The presentations revolved around enforcement activities by the Law Enforcement Agencies, SBP, SECP, Customs, NACTA, FIA, etc. The issues concerning implementation of the Action Plan were also thoroughly discussed and necessary decisions or recommendations made. The roadmap for the National Risk Assessment was also discussed in detail during the meeting.
NACTA expresses its concerns on the news report published in a section of press today on 3rd August, 2018, creating an impression that NACTA is shying away from its duties of the national risk assessment. NACTA has been actively playing its role and shall continue to contribute towards its national responsibilities, remaining within its mandate. Since last year, NACTA has been proactively coordinating with all national stakeholders dealing with FATF Action Plan and APG Mutual Evaluation exercise by holding comprehensive monthly meetings on the subject matter and coordinating amongst the stakeholders. In fact, both NACTA and FIA expressed their eagerness to work together and accomplish the task of risk assessment. Any such news may tarnish the national image and may raise questions on the readiness of state institutions to fight the menace of terrorist financing and implement the FATF Action Plan.
Earlier, Dr. Sulaman Khan, National Coordinator NACTA, apprised the participants that NACTA on directions of Minister of Interior, NACTA has set up the National Task Force on CFT, which has an elaborate mandate in coordinating the combating terrorist financing activities. The said Task Force is represented by all stakeholders fighting against the financing of terrorism.


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