Sindh Minister for Local government Saeed Ghani lashing out at Federal government .


KARACHI: Sindh Minister for Local government Saeed Ghani lashing out at Federal government said that do not make fool out of the masses by de rolling 18th amendment it will open another Pandora box .

He said Buffolows of Prime Minister House are not dear but lion goes direct into their bedroom..

Ghani said this while talking to media on Tuesday outside the Suindh assembly and said in old Pakistan when the prices of fertilizer , gas, electricity and petrol goes up than this is wrong and when the same prices escalate in new Pakistan that it is all correct, he stressed .

He asked as to what formula Asad Umar has with him he still claims that with this price escalation common men will not be affected .

He said deaths in Thar was not due to malnutrition but there was a migration from Thar and these people migrate in a normal manner.

The water position in Karachi is being supplied half than the required demand .

Ghani said in March next year 100 mgd water will be supplied and additional 65 would also come in the same month.

Ghani said delay in K-IV bulk water supply mega project was because Federal government was not supplying funds.

The government was making all out efforts to provide equitable water distribution to the citizens..

When asked about the new local government system Ghani said so far we do have any information but no new local government system can be imposed in Sindh without the permission of Sindh government .

Ghani said however we would look into the new local government system and if any good things are found we would consider, but this will be taken to Sindh assembly.

Answering to a question regarding load shedding By K electric he said it was a clear violation of the constitution , Karachi management where recovery was 100 percent those areas are exempted from load shedding and poor and middle class people face load shedding, he claimed.


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