Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed, expressed his views during a Press Conference at Railway Head Quarters that Lahore (P.R.) Pakistan Railways has launched 3 new passenger trains.


LAHORE: Federal Minister Pakistan Railways Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed, expressed his views during a Press Conference at Railway Head Quarters that Lahore (P.R.) Pakistan Railways has launched 3 new passenger trains in a record period of 1 month. The third train “Faisalabad Non-Stop” departed as per schedule and reached Faisalabad in exactly 2 Hours. This has proven to be beneficial for the passengers. We intend to expand our services to 70 Million passengers. He declared that Pakistan Railways has entered into an agreement with Saeed Sehgal & Yahya Sehgal of Maple Leaf for coal transportation till 2021. Pakistan Railway would transport 50,000 ton Coal per month during the tenure of 3 Years Agreement. Railway is anticipating an inflow of Rs. 1.20 Billion annually through this agreement. The Railway Minister expressed while discussing freight that we would increase the number of freight trains from 10 to 12 Trains. He further added that he intends to launch 110 trains in 100 days.
The Railway Minister, in light of Khushal Khan Khattak Express Accident report has ordered suspension of A-M-E Peshawar & Deputy C-M-E Carriage & Wagon till the conclusion of Inquiry Report and has warned that Divisional Superintendents, who disregard track maintenance, shall also be suspended. He said that every D.S shall be responsible for the safety of track in the division under his jurisdiction and punitive action shall be taken against officers who are not performing their duties sincerely.
While talking about outstanding dues, Railway Minister requested Government & Non-Government Departments to clear their outstanding dues against Railways within a period of 1 week as Railway has to recover Billions and is in desperate need of cash inflow. He has instructed to improve the condition of Mohenjo-Daro Express Track on priority basis. He expressed that he would inspect Railway tracks along with concerned officers. Railway Minister declared that Rohi Express and Mohenjo-Daro Express shall be launched from 16th October which shall be operated by Railways on trail basis for a period of 3 months. After this period, a tender notice shall be issued to hand over both trains to the Private Sector on Public Private Partnership. Concurrently, Tez Gaam train will be restored to its old splendor in order to minimize loss. Railway Minister has issued instructions to analyze under capacity trains, Economy Class fares & to provide much cheaper travelling facilities to the passengers. Besides that, he also passed instructions to study Karachi Hyderabad Shuttle Train Service.
He said that imported instruments should be installed on engines which would enable drivers to see during fog. A proactive approach is being taken so that maximum no. of passenger can benefit from it. Railway minister assured that Railways has full support from overseas Pakistanis in this regard. While talking about branding of Stations, Railway Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed stated that a tender should be issued to invite private organizations so that they can use Railway Premises for their publicity and advertisements. Industrial zones shall be developed with every upscale station to boost revenue for Railways. Qulis have requested Chairman Railway to alter current uniforms upon which orders have been given to restore old ones. Muhammad Aftab Akbar, Chief Executive Office would pass orders in this regard. He further added that a special audit of Oil Depots situated at 15 Engine sheds will be conducted and strict action will be taken against those personnel involved in corruption.
Peshawar, Kundian, Rawalpindi, Lala Musa, Lahore-Faisalabad, Rohri, Karachi, Mirpur Khas, Kotri, Quetta, Sibbi, Multan, Sama Satta & Khanewal are included in depots where audit shall be conducted. Federal Minister Railway expressed that Fuel Economy Seminars shall be conducted in each shed as fuel prices have increased and we have to save fuel. Railway Minister further added that Prime Minister would take imperative decisions in the near future. Mr. Imran Khan would spearhead an extremely High Profile Meeting aimed at vital decisions regarding Railways.


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