It is a matter of deep concern that the ink on the Notification of the new Caretaker Finance Minister had not dried and she had taken a policy decision to enter into negotiation with the IMF under Article IV Consultation, as reported the national media.
The role of a Caretaker Government has been clearly defined in various Judgments of the superior courts, the Election Law and the Constitution 1973. The intent and purpose of a Caretaker Government is to assist the Election Commission of Pakistan in holding free fair and transparent elections and to run the day to day affairs of the state.
In the past Caretaker Governments have overstepped their mandate and entered into agreements with various international financial institutions thereby binding the newly elected governments to these agreements. It will not be fair for a Caretaker Finance Minister to bind the new Parliament and the new government in such agreements.
If at all under procedural requirements it is necessary to conduct the meeting with the IMF then prior to and immediately after the said meeting the Caretaker Finance Minister should take the Senate of Pakistan into confidence.


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