Sadiq Sanjrani while speaking at the 69th anniversary of the founding of China.


Chairman Senate Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani while speaking at the 69th anniversary of the founding of China, said that Pakistan greatly treasures and values its relations with China as a corner stone of its foreign policy. Political transition in Pakistan will not affect Pakistan’s China policy, and the new government will continue working closely with China to achieve our bilateral objectives. He said that nourished by centuries old socio-economic and cultural ties, Pak-China bilateral relations finds few comparables in the history of diplomatic and bilateral relations between any two states of the world.   He conveyed, on behalf of Pakistan Parliament, the Government and the whole nation, heartiest greetings and sentiments of goodwill President Xi Jinping and the brotherly people of China. He thanked China for support on core issues and said that Pakistan, too, adheres to “One China Policy” and supports China on its core issues including Taiwan, Tibet, Xinjiang and South China Sea.

He said that the spirit of brotherhood, affinity and mutual respect has reinforced these ties, manifested by our complete trust in each other, understanding and convergence of views on bilateral, regional and international issues.  “ As Vice President of Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) as well as its Political Affairs Committee, it is my firm belief that cooperation, and not confrontation, should be our guiding principle as we jointly shape Asian destiny towards a better and prosperous future for the people of Asia” Sadiq Sanjrani observed. He said that Pakistan Senate is hosting next month a meeting of the APA Standing Committee on Political Affairs and the Special Committee on Creation of Asian Parliament in Gwadar as the city defines and symbolizes the triumph of developmental cooperation between Pakistan and China with positive regional implications, is a conscious decision also aiming at highlighting the success of CPEC.

He said that China as the fast emerging global economic leader can play the role of a force-multiplier in APA’s efforts to consolidate Asian supremacy in the new global socio-economic order.  He termed China as the leader of the emerging economies, and has much to offer as a model of economic growth to low-income countries of Asia, Africa, and South America. Sadiq Sanjrani said that the West looks towards the East today, the East look towards China as the trail-blazer in the Asian century. Pakistan and China’s common vision of shared prosperity through developmental cooperation and interconnectivity also resonates with APA’s overall objectives and guiding principles that too envision an integrated, prosperous and peaceful Asia.

“I  look forward to participation of China’s delegation in the forthcoming APA Standing Committee on Political Affairs in order to further deliberate and strategize as to how this ideological convergence between our two countries can be crystallized into enhanced socio-economic progress and connectivity in the region” Sanjrani said.  He said that Pakistan is committed to completing the CPEC projects, and welcomes the participation of third parties in Special Economic Zones of CPEC.  He remarked that Pak-China relations have now entered a new phase. Going beyond bilateralism, regionalism and long-term collaboration, our relations have now acquired broad regional and international implications. Our close partnership is also an anchor for regional peace and stability.

He proposed that there is a huge potential for cooperation among provinces, cities and regions of both the countries. He recalled his recent visit to China in which important meetings were held with Wang Yang, Chairman CPPCC, Li Zhanshu, Chairman NPC; Xia Deren, Chairman of Liaoning CPPCC; Wang Yi, Foreign Minister and Song Tao, Minister, International Liaison Department of Communist Party China. He reiterated making Gwadar and Dalian, a major city and seaport in the south of Liaoning Province, sister cities, keeping in view the commonalities between the two cities. He underscored the need to enhance and strengthen institutional linkages between our Parliaments. He expressed his confidence that Pak-China relations, which have withstood regional and global deviations, will continue to flourish in the days ahead and move from generation to generation and strength to strength. The Chairman Senate thanked Chinese Ambassador Yao Jing for the warm welcome and reception at the embassy. 


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