According to the details furnished by party’s Central Media Department Central Secretary Information PTI Fawad Choudhary came hard upon former PM over his statement in the accountability court stating that Nawaz Sharif should have answered two very basic questions first is from where Rs300 Billion came in the accounts of his children and what are the sources through which Avenfield properties were purchased. Instead of answering the questions straightly said Fawad Choudhary Nawaz Sharif again ranted his political narrative in the court. “Out of 128 questions not a single question was answered properly he said adding that the reason behind Sharif family’s hue and cry is that this time they have failed to manage judiciary.
All would be well with Sharif family had the judiciary and armed forces not played role in ensuring fair accountability said PTI leader. Fawad Choudhary said it is contemptible to see Nawaz Sharif in a bid to safeguard his ill-gotten wealth, maligning the state by alleging it for its involvement in Mumbai terror attacks. He further said that dragging politics into the court will be the last nail in the coffin of Nawaz Sharif’s politics. “Nation will not be fooled again by the victim card and plunderers of nation’s wealth must have to answer he concluded.


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