Prime Minister’s Office assigns new tasks & initiatives to important Ministries for better service delivery.


Islamabad, In order to improve governance and service delivery of certain Division/Ministries, Prime Minister’s Performance Delivery Unit (PMDU) after detailed deliberations has devised a composite tasking document containing proposed interventions; with timelines, in the shape of targeted institutional interventions. By implementing these interventions, it is hoped that the Federal Ministries/Divisions and their attached departments will be able to improve service delivery across their domain.

The tasking document carries specialized tasks which are to be achieved on the basis of time-based deliverables (03 months/06 months) respectively. Ministries will be at liberty to incorporate their own in-house initiatives, which they can complete within 03-06 months and share those with PMDU within one week.

The achievements of these targets would be one of the parameters to gauge the performance of the ministries/divisions.

The tasking document has been sent to Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Interior, Planning, Power, Petroleum, Aviation, IT & Telecom, Federal Education & Professional Training, Ministry of National Health Services & Coordination and the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development. Ends.


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