President AJK condemns Indian forces fire on helicopter carrying PM AJK.


New York, President Azad Jammu and Kashmir strongly condemned the unprovoked fire by Indian occupation forces on the civilian helicopter carrying Prime Minister AJK and members of his cabinet, near the Line of Control in Haveli district.

Terming it as an act of cowardice the President said that such acts by the Indian forces will not intimidate our leadership and civilians in their struggle towards ascertaining the right to self determination of the Kashmiri people living under the oppressive Indian rule in the occupied territory.

The President said that this act displays India’s insecurities and has exposed their aggressive posturing and warmongering. He added that such maneuvers by the Indian government and forces is aimed at diverting attention from the real issue of Kashmir and the grave human rights violations taking place in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

President Masood Khan said that the unprovoked fire on the Prime Minister’s helicopter was a tactic used to raise tensions in the area and delay any prospective talks on Kashmir.

The President said that the Indian government such forgo such gimmicks and threatening tactics, and instead come to the dialogue table for resolving the issue of Kashmir in a peaceful manner as envisioned under the UN Security Council resolutions..

Later on the President called Prime Minister AJK and inquired about the incident and expressed his relief on the safe return.


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