PIA denies any involvement in the video of a foreigner girl dancing.


PIA denies any involvement in the video of a foreigner girl dancing. This video was shared on PIA’s page but now has been deleted. Inquiry has been constituted in this regard. 

It is worth mentioning here that in order to celebrate National Independence Day, an event was conducted at PIA Head Office in which our media guests were also invited. 

As promised by the PIA management to hold an inquiry into the events of PK750 of 3rd August 2018, we are hereby sharing the outcomes of the inquiry.

PIA management has issued show cause notice to its station manager in Paris over his poor performance and mishandling the flight PK750 on 3 August 2018. PIA has also issued notice of penalty to its ground handling agent Air France in Paris for delay in cargo door closure after the removal of jetty, due to which suffocation developed creating nausea and discomfort to the passengers especially to an infant in the video.
President & CEO Mr. Musharraf Rasool Cyan had ordered an inquiry into the incident of discomfort to a baby whose video was made viral few days ago. Upon recommendation of high level inquiry committee the above decisions have been made. In addition to these, CEO has also instructed Chief of Flight Operations to hold the Captain accountable for his command and role in dissolving the commotion and not exhibiting situational control. Also the Flight Service Department has been directed to hold special trainings of the Cabin Crew to better equip with resolution of such situations.


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