PCAA Is Ensuring Maximum Facilitation OF Greeter And Passengers: Spokesperson Aviation Division.


Islamabad: Pakistan Civil Aviation authority (PCAA) is playing its role in order to ensure maximum facilitation of the greeters and travelling passengers. This statement was given by Spokesperson of Aviation Division For this the rates of certain consumer items have been revised. These consumer items include mineral water, medicines, juices tetra pack, soft drinks, chips, biscuits, mobile cards, sohan  halwa ,tea ,green tea and coffee. These approved rate list has been displayed at prominent places for convenience of the customers. The conduct of licensees is being monitored by PCAA and strict action is being initiated against the violators as per CAA Policy. In this regard, fines have also been imposed on several licensees. It is pertinent to mention here that the rates of items to be sold at airports are being further rationalized for convenience of travelling passengers and greeters. On non-display of approved rate lists Airport Management has taken serious notice at Islamabad Airport (IIAP) and imposed fine of Rs.24000 to M/S Master Management Pvt Ltd. Similarly M/S Captain Management Pvt Limited has been fined by Airport Manager at IIAP for no price tagging, sale of items other than approved rate list, uncleanliness of business premises and overcharging of the customers.CAA will always take culprits with iron hand


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