Pakistani delegation hails ‘excellent’ ties with Turkey.


Ties are as old, I think older than the establishment of the two nations,’ says Pakistan’s Consul General in Istanbul Bilal Khan Pasha.

A Pakistani delegation on a visit to Istanbul hailed the excellent ties their country enjoys with Turkey as they pointed to the vast potential for additional collaboration in the future in various sectors.

Speaking exclusively to Yeni Şafak on the periphery of a visit by delegation of Pakistani politicians and reporters to Albayrak Group headquarters, Pakistan’s Consul General in Istanbul Bilal Khan Pasha, who was in attendance, lauded Turkish- Pakistani ties.
“Ties are as old, I think older than the establishment of the two nations. Be [it] social, religious, cultural, trade, commerce, investment, and now even defense. Our relations have been growing by leaps and bounds.”
With several defense deals signed between the two countries, the consul general pointed that Pakistan is looking for additional collaboration with Turkish-based industries.

Albayrak Group ‘pleased to serve people of Pakistan’

Top Albayrak Group figures welcomed a delegation from Pakistan and discussed how to bolster ties between the two nations

“Our industry would like to have technology transfer from Turkey, would like to develop more linkages with the industry in Turkey, not only for the Pakistani industry and manufacture but also in the defense sector.”
“We have not been able to honestly exploit fully the potential of our economic cooperation,” remarked Khan Pasha as he expressed hope for more cooperation in the trade sector.
He said Turkey and Pakistan had “excellent ties” and that “investment is going very good.”

Khan Pasha also stressed the need for more student exchange programs between Turkey and Pakistan.
“More and more student exchange is required which is right now of course happening, but we need to see a growing number of students coming from Pakistan to enrich themselves with the best of the teaching and universities available in Turkey.

Ceremony to mark 80th death anniversary of founder of Republic of Turkey was held at Turkish Embassy in Islamabad
“Turkey is a role model in Pakistan”
A Pakistani journalist stressed the important role Turkey can play in the development in Pakistan, pointing to the vast opportunities for cooperation in different fields.
“I think there are a lot of opportunities regarding the bilateral relationship and Turkey is a role model in Pakistan. We look at the development parameters of Turkey to get something developed in our country.”
“Turkey can play an important role in Pakistan, and I saw the metrobus, which is an idea taken from the Turkey and the other one is the waste management work which is a marvelous work in Lahore city.”
“The Turkish government can help a lot regarding their experience in development, regarding their achievements. They can participate, they can play their role in the development of Pakistan.”
“Turkey and Pakistan are like two souls in one body”
“Turkey and Pakistan are like two souls in one body. People in Pakistan feel like when Turkey develops, it’s like Pakistan is developing and when Pakistan develops it’s also Turkey developing,” said another Pakistani journalist who attended the event.
“God willing, Turkey will develop even more in the future. We always have and always will support Turkey.”
A delegation of nearly 80 politicians and reporters headed by Pakistan’s Istanbul envoy Bilal Khan Pasha visited Turkey’s Albayrak Group, which operates in various Pakistani cities, on Sunday. Albayrak Board Member Nuri Albayrak stated that 13,000 Pakistanis were involved in Albayrak’s activities carried out in Pakistan.
Group Chairman of the Board Ahmet Albayrak, Board of Directors members Nuri and Mesut Albayrak, CEO Ömer Bolat, Piri Media General Manager Ömer Karaca and former General Manager of the Higher Education Student Loan and Housing Board Hasan Albayrak hosted the delegation.


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