According to the details furnished by party’s Central Media Department senior PTI leader Dr. Babar Awan has sent legal notice to anchorperson Ghareeda Farooqi at the behest of CMD Head Iftikhar Durrani, seeking unconditional apology over her unwarranted tweets in which she leveled serious allegations against PTI and its leadership. The notice demands Ghareeda Farooqi to immediately remove the malicious tweets and tender apology within seven days or pay Rs1Billion as damages otherwise the notice says all legal remedies available under the law would be availed by PTI. CMD head stated that how someone could accuse Imran khan of corruption who has dedicated his life to the fight against corruption. The relentless pursuit of the Panama Papers and kicking out more than a dozen MPA’s from the government risking his party’s government in KP are the instances which shows his commitment to a corruption free Pakistan marked Iftikhar Durrani. He said that Ghareeda Farooqi must withdraw her insulting allegations and tender unconditional apology immediately.


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