Pakistan reaffirms commitment to implement FATF Action Plan.


The FATF Plenary meeting was held in Paris from 13-18 October 2019. The Pakistan delegation was led by Mr. Muhammad Hammad Azhar, Minister for Economic Affairs Division.

The FATF meeting considered Pakistan’s progress report on the FATF Action Plan and Pakistan’s APG Mutual Evaluation report (MER). Pakistan’s delegation reaffirmed its political commitment to fully implement the Action Plan. The Plenary meeting decided to maintain status quo on the FATF Action Plan and allow the usual 12 months observation period for the APG MER.

The delegation also held sideline meetings with various delegations and briefed them about the progress made by Pakistan on the FATF Action Plan and steps taken for strengthening its AML/CFT framework.

A session on technical assistance and training needs of Pakistan was also organized in collaboration with UNODC and APG Secretariat which was attended by a number of interested countries and multilateral agencies including China, USA, UK, Canada, Japan, EU, World Bank, IMF, ADB, and UNODC.


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