No leniency should be shown in the case of UFG,Omar Ayub Khan,Petroleum Minister.


Islamabad: While ordering the crackdown against gas theft, Omar Ayub Khan,Petroleum Minister said no leniency should be shown in the case of UFG. Even Nadeem Babar,SAPM Petroleum added that countrywide gas theft drive will become more intense. For SSGC under its Counter Gas Theft Drive, GRIFT, carried numerious operations in Karachi, Larkana and Sukkur regions. 3 illegal Commercial activity connections 47 domestic illegal connetion were disconnected and large amount of pipes and other material was confiscated. FIRs were registered and culprits were apprehended. Operations against gas theft will intensify in future. Similarly, joint raids, were conducted by Mr. Rajab Ali Jalbani in Sukkur. During the raid in Therhi District Khairpur Area, it was observed that registered customer was using Gas domestic to commercial for Bar B, Q by closing the meter lock.  Total running load 270 Cft, P/H. Meter is removed by the team.

Crackdown against such culprits will intensify in the future. Operation against the culprits involved in gas theft at Micasa Apartment,Karachi.

The defaulter residents have been found 78 numbers of apartments out of 350 involved in stealing gas from their removed meter points through rubber pipes. All rubber pipes and fittings used for Illegal extension of gas have been removed .Must be clear Thar Prime Minister Imran Khan had ordered a countrywide crackdown against gas theft.


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