Mr. Jihad Azour, Director Middle East & Central Asia, IMF calls on Prime Minister Imran Khan at PM Office.


Islamabad, Advisor Finance Dr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh, Governor State Bank, Secretary Finance were also present during the meeting.

The mission was here to review the measures taken by the government in the policy, fiscal and current account adjustments and expressed their satisfaction and greatly appreciated and endorsed the efforts being made by Pakistan.

They were happy to note that this is the third month of implementation and already the indicators are showing improvements in expansion of the tax base and the increase in revenues.

The Prime Minister while appreciating the acknowledgement of the team that Pakistan was making progress and reaching all the desired targets stated that the IMF program with its stabilization and reform function would complement Government’s efforts of putting the economy back on track.

The Prime Minister said that the economy needed an overhaul and the present government has taken up this task with all its zeal and vigor. The IMF extended fund program has served as a stepping stone in the right direction.

The team greatly appreciated the interest expressed by the Prime Minister in restructuring the economy. The IMF team also acknowledged Prime Minister’s zeal to lead from the front which has been the main reason for the progress made so far. The Prime Minister’s commitment has convinced and restored the confidence of the IMF team.

The PM informed the team that the Government is committed to bring about a change in the economic conditions of the country. For this specific purpose, he holds regular weekly meetings with Government’s economic team. The required changes and facilitations were being provided to the national and international investors to put the economy back on track, continued the Prime Minister.


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