October 29, 1923 marks the birth of modern Turkey and the victory in Turkish motherland in the aftermath of the WWI.
Proclamation of the Republic represents the launch of the fundamental modernization process in Turkey. Turkish nation underwent a comprehensive set of reforms in all facets of life, leading to a social, economic and institutional transformation. Turkish nation managed to transform its deep experience of modernization efforts that was accumulated in the preceding two centuries into a modern, democratic, and secular state.

Today, we are proud and happy to commemorate the proclamation of our Republic and pay tribute to the architects of modern Turkey, notably Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, founder of the Republic of Turkey. Our unwavering commitment to maintain a democratic, secular, and prosperous country goes unabated.

The Republic of Turkey has progressed by overcoming all the difficulties it has faced during these 96 years and, thanks to recent breakthroughs in particular, it has now accomplished to stand among the rising powers of the world.
Turkey, with its growing economy, strong democracy, its commitment to fundamental human values and principled and visionary foreign policy, continues be an inspiration to its region and to the World also today.

On the other hand, in recent years, Turkey has faced a number of formidable challenges: A big refugee crisis, a violent and bloody coup attempt, murderous attacks by various terrorist organizations and ongoing proxy wars on our doorstep. In spite of all these challenges, Turkey managed to be an element of stability in its region.
In order to maintain this stability, we pursue foreign policy which is based on a harmonious approach. We prioritize the utilization of relevant instruments to project peace, security, and stability in our region and beyond.

As the problems in our vicinity have imminent and direct effects on us, we do not have the luxury to be idle bystanders. We need to offer solutions through a foreign policy approach that is entrepreneurial, pre-emptive, and respectful to principles. Therefore, our foreign policy embraces foresight and action.

We characterize this concept as “entrepreneurial and humanitarian foreign policy”.

We provide shelter to the biggest number of immigrants and refugees. Turkey pays the most expensive price in the world in the face of the cross border consequences of the Syrian conflict. We currently host 3.5 million Syrians. We have paid USD 40 billion so far. Syrian population has already outnumbered the local population in some Turkish cities and towns.

Operation Peace Spring which is launched on 9th of October in North-west Syria was part of our efforts to maintain peace and stability in our country. The main objectives of this operation was to ensure Turkey’s border security, neutralize terrorists in the region, save Syrians from the oppression and cruelty of these terrorists and provide them a safe return to their homeland in near future.

We intend to continue to our efforts until all terrorists have been wiped out of the region, our border security has been ensured, and local Syrians have been liberated from the tyranny of PYD/YPG as well as the DEASH threat.
Pakistan holds a special place for Turkey and Turkish diplomacy. Our relations continue to prosper in an era, during which both countries experience multiple turbulences. Our close cooperation within the regional and international platforms is exemplary. We value our strategic partnership and special brotherhood ties.

Throughout the history, our nations have always been with each other thick and thin, and have never denied their mutual support. We will continue stand side by side with the people of Pakistan in any time of need in the future as well.
I am confident that the strong relations between our Nations and close cooperation among our leaderships will further strengthen in the pursuit of our common interests and values.
In light of this sound and dynamic backdrop, our relations will continue to develop and our cooperation will sail towards new horizons to the benefit of our two nations.

Turkey and Pakistan will continue to serve peace, security, and stability in their broader regions.
Happy 96th anniversary for the proclamation of our Republic.
Long live the Turkish-Pakistani brotherhood!


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