Mahmood Khan formally inaugurated the Dral Khawar Hydro Power station during his day long visit to Behrain Swat.


Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan formally inaugurated the Dral Khawar Hydro Power station during his day long visit to Behrain Swat. The electricity produced by the Dral Khwar Hydro power station has been linked to the national grid that will further enhance Rs.1 billion 200 million of the provincial share on net hydel profit.
Federal Minister of State for communication Murad Saeed, Advisor to Chief Minister on Energy, Members of national and provincial assembly Dr. Haider Ali, Salim-ur-Rehman, Fazal Hakim Khan, Mian Sharafat Ali, Commissioner Malakand Syed Zaheer-ul-Islam, Secretary Energy, MD PEDO, Pakistani and Chinese officials also attended.
Addressing the people gathered at the occasion and later talking to the media, the Chief Minister said his government had a comprehensive plan for tapping the perennial water resources, making water conservational strategy, constructing dams and efficient utilization of water resources both for energy production and agriculture productivity in the province. Implementation has already been started. He cautioned against the scarcity of water in the whole of the country which he referred to the prediction of the future war on water adding that this region has no scarcity of surface water resources but the only thing needed is its storage and scientific utilization for expeditious development.
Mahmood Khan said that only Swat has the potential to produce thousands of mega watts of electricity adding the provincial government was working on war footings on hydel power generation projects. Some of the projects which are significant are in nature included 84 mega watt Mataltan hydro power project, 110 mega watt Gabral Kalam hydro project. These projects on completion would provide cheap electricity to the backward areas of the region and load-shedding would become the history, he added.
Chief Minister said that PTI coming to power, planned the efficient use of water resources for electricity production in order to contribute to the process of overcoming energy crisis in the country. The projects initiated by his government would provide a solid base for the future development and prosperity of the people and the province. “Rest assured, his government would never let the people down”, he assured.
Mahmood Khan further assured that the goal post for expeditious development and prosperity of the people and province was within the reach and the goal would be converted successfully. We would translate into reality the agriculture sector development, small and medium enterprises and industrialization alongwith provision of electricity to all within the region. This water resources would also be used for the promotion of tourism as tourism would be promoted as an industry adding that the scenic beauty of Swat, Malakand and Hazara have all the prerequisites to attract tourists. The local tourists, the overseas Pakistani and foreign tourists would be attracted that would boost tourism. He said development is linked to the durable peace and national cohesion which is the vision of PTI at national level and we are working on these lines.
The Chief Minister talked against exploitative forces adding that the agenda for change would be a real revolution in the province and country. He reminded that Dral Khawar project was initiated out of the provincial own resources and completed on time which had already started production. He appreciated everyone who contributed to the accomplishment of this challenging task. He also appreciated the technical experts and others involved in other hydro power projects, Oil and gas projects and other small and medium projects and assured that we would add more electricity generated through hydel power projects to the national grid soon.


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