Kashmiris will have their freedom from Indian occupation: Masood Khan


Bristol; Sardar Masood Khan, President Azad Jammu and Kashmir, has said that the Kashmiri people will have their freedom from Indian oppression and we will not be intimidated by torture and repression. We will fight this war imposed on us, he said.

The AJK President made these remarks while addressing a Kashmir Conference organized by the Pakistan Association Bristol and the Bristol Kashmir Foundation. The event was attended by Abdul Rashid Turabi, Member of the Public Accounts Committee of the AJK Legislative Assembly, Tim Bowles, Mayor of the West of England, Fahim Kiani, President Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK, Councillors, local notables, civil society members and journalists.

The President on the occasion also thanked Fahim Kiani for organizing a conference on Kashmir at the House of Commons which was attended by numerous MPs, MEPs, journalists, student leaders, academics and human rights activists.

President Masood Khan informed his audience of the recent human rights situation in IOK. He said that after the 05 August siege imposed in IOK the occupation forces have unleashed a new wave of tyranny. Indian occupation forces, he said, have illegally detained thousands of Kashmiri youth and are subjecting them to torture, The Kashmiris are being killed in extra-judicial encounters, protestors are blinded with pellet-firing shotguns and the women are molested and these measures are taken by the Indian occupation forces in a systematic and pre-meditated manner, he said.

The President while appreciating the role of the international media, international civil society and the human rights organizations said that despite India’s imposition of a communication blackout in IOK, reports have been coming out of IOK about the human rights abuses taking place at the hands of Indian occupation forces. Indian government’s efforts to quell the peaceful protests of the Kashmiris were not successful and they were unable to hide the humanitarian crisis in the territory. He also appreciated parliamentarians and lawmakers of UK, European Parliament, France, Norway and other leading countries for raising their voice in support of the Kashmiris. “This space given to us is a breakthrough”, he said.

On the other, he said, global capitals have been ambivalent in their stance towards Kashmir and have instead tried to maintain an artificial balance between Pakistan and India. He urged that humanity must prevail instead of valuing strategic and economic ties that various countries have with India.

The AJK President said that we the people of IOK and Azad Kashmir will fight tooth and nail to oppose the illegal occupation, colonization and bifurcation of the Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir territory.

He also highlighted the growing ideology of Hindutva – an extremist Hindu Ideology – which is purely based on Hindu religious supremacy. He said that we will have to unite and fight of this extremist doctrine rooted in hatred, xenophobia and fascism as this policy of exclusionism is pure evil, satanic and dark and we must take every measure to thwart it from engulfing our region and world.

“In the previous century democratic powers of the world defeated Nazi Hitler and Fascist Mussolini. This century, we will have to defeat Hindutva”, he said.

The President urged the participants to raise their voices in support of the Kashmiris so that it resonates all over the UK including the Parliament, across the world and especially in the UN. Grass root communities, he said, are pertinent in opinion formation and we must also not ignore the civil society as it is an important voice in shaping the future of the world that too based on humanity. “Forge unity and with steely determination we must move forward to save the people of Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir from genocide and ethnic cleansing. Speak up for the truth and save the souls of the people being crushed under this new colonial power”, he pleaded.

Responding to a comment made by a previous speaker, the President said that the Jammu and Kashmir dispute is not a bilateral issue but it is a trilateral issue in which the Kashmiris are the key party to the dispute. ”It is the Kashmiris that will have to decide their political future and destiny in a free and democratic manner”, he argued.

He said that there is a humanitarian crisis in IOK and a humanitarian corridor has to be established to help the Kashmiris who are facing severe shortages of food, medicine and other essential supplies. He urged the participants to use modern means of communication to help mobilize support for the Kashmiri people and also reach out to their Councilors, party leaders and MPs so as to put pressure on the FCO-UK to take note of the ever-deteriorating conditions in IOK.

UK must play leadership role to resolve Kashmir issue: AJK president

LONDON,- Sardar Masood Khan, President of Azad Jammu Kashmir (AJK) has prevailed upon the UK to come forward for a human cause, and play its leadership role in peaceful settlement of Kashmir conflict.

“Kashmir is neither India’s internal matter nor a bilateral issue between Pakistan and India,” he said and added that if Kashmir had been the internal matter of India, it would never have been discussed in London, New York, Washington and Brussels today”.

He was addressing a Kashmir Conference organized by the Kashmiri and Pakistani community living in Reading area of South London. The event was addressed besides UK MPs, elected representatives of the local council and important Kashmiri and Pakistani leaders, by Member of AJK Legislative Assembly Abdur Rashid Turabi, President Tehrik-e-Kashmir UK Faheem Kayani and other speakers.

The AJK president unequivocally declared that Kashmir was not a complicated issue, but a simple issue and its practicable solution is to give right to Kashmiris to determine their political future with free will.

“Seventy years ago, the UN Security Council had declared that Kashmir issue would be resolved by not bullet but ballot, and the Kashmiri people will be provided the right to resolve this issue once and for all in a free and democratic manner,” he emphasized.

Sardar Masood Khan rejected that Kashmir was a bilateral dispute between Pakistan and India, and said that under the UN resolution, Kashmiri people, Pakistan, and India are the three parties to this dispute, and the final decision for the solution of this issue is to be taken by the Kashmiri people themselves.

“Kashmir is an international issue still existing on the UN agenda as an unresolved issue,” he added.

The AJK president said that the people of occupied Kashmir through their unprecedented sacrifices, Pakistan through its principled stand, and Azad Kashmir as the base camp of liberation struggle, had kept this issue alive for the last seven decades, while Pakistan had to face at least three wars for its support to the Kashmiri people.

On the other hand, he maintained that India in order to perpetuate its illegal occupied of Kashmir, had surpassed even the Nazism of German dictator Adolf Hitler, fascism of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, and ethnic cleansing of Serbian butcher Slobodan Milošević.

Sardar Masood Khan urged the Pakistani and Kashmiri expatriates to utilize their energies to counter and foil India’s aggression and the conspiracy to turn Kashmir into its colony. “India has imposed a war on Pakistan which we are to resist with courage and valor,”

The AJK President said adding that we must rise up against Hindutva which poses a serious danger to not only the Kashmiri peoples but all Muslims of South Asia and minorities including Christian living in India.

He expressed the hope that being one of the world’s influential countries, Britain can help build world public opinion for the solution of Kashmir issue, and can raise its voice for the Kashmiri people besides playing an active role in the UN Security Council to get Kashmir issue resolved in accordance with the wishes of Kashmiri people.

Dismissing allegations of Indian national security adviser, the AJK president emphatically stated that with the help of Pakistan or Azad Kashmir neither any terrorism was taking place in occupied Kashmir nor was any terrorist going across the Line of Control. “Such allegations by India are designed to hide its own crimes against humanity from the international community,” he added.


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