ITP issues traffic plan for convenience of road users during Azadi March.


ISLAMABAD, Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) on Wednesday issued traffic plan for convenience of road users during Azadi March.

The main gathering will be held at H-9 Metro Ground and the parking area has been specified for the participants of March. Those coming from Motorway or Peshawar G.T road would come from Chungi No. 26 via Kashmir Highway and to park their vehicles on both sides of Project Mor and G-9 Turn.

Those coming from Lahore (G.T road) will use Islamabad Expressway and those coming from Murree or Bahra Kau will reach Faizabad through Dhok Kala Khan flyover and to approach 9th Avenue chowk from there to reach the venue of March. They will park their vehicles at service road west of 9th avenue.

There will be traffic diversion from Chungi No. 26 to Islamabad. The people coming from Motorway area to Islamabad may use Chungi No.26 flyover to Mehr Abad Pri Wadhai, IJP road, Flyover Faizabad, Murree Road, Expressway and Faisal Avenue.

There will be diversion on Kashmir Highway (G-11) towards Islamabad and traffic at Haji Camp Chowk will be diverted towards Mehrabad IJP road. Those going to Motorway Peshawar or New Islamabad Airport from sectors G-9, G-10 and G-11 can use service roads adjacent to their sectors and may use Kashmir Highway through G-11 signal. Those going to Islamabad Expressway, Bhara Kahu, Muree and Rawalpindi may use route of Margallah road, 9th Avenue, IJP road or Faisal Chowk (Avenue), Faizabad, Expressway, Murree road and IJP road.

Those going to Motorway, Peshawar or New Airport from Murree of Bhara Kau will use Murree road, Rawal Dam Chowk and IJP road.

There will another traffic diversion from Golra Sharif to Islamabad Chowk. Traffic coming from G-11 or Golra may use G-11 service and Margllah roads.

Another diversion will be erected from Zero Point to G-11 Signal on Islamabad Kashmir Highway. Those going from sectors G-5, G-6, G-7, G-8, F-6 F-7 and F-8 to Rawalpindi will use Faisal Avenue and to use Faizabad, Murree Road and IJP road. Those moving from sectors G-9, G-10, G-11, F-8, F-10, E-9 for Rawalpindi may use Margallah road, 9th Avenue of Faisal Avenue.

There will be another diversion at Faqir Api road for those coming from Sabzi Mandi (I-10) Nescom Chowk to Police Line Chowk. People may move through sector I-10 Outer Road (Beeroni Road) for 9th Avenue or IJP road.

Diversion will be erected from 7up Chowk towards Education Chowk (Bazaar Service Road). The residents of H-8/3. H-8/4 and I-9 may reach 7up chowk from 9th Avenue or IJP road. ITP’s FM Radio 92.4 will air special transmission to update the citizens about situation on roads.

SSP (Traffic) Farrukh Rasheed has appealed the citizens to avoid unnecessary travel.


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