Is Panjshir Valley a thorn for the Taliban?


Khawaja Hamza

The Panjshir Resistance is analyzed in terms of its background, support, strength, and future prospective.

The NRF (National Resistance Front) is an Achilles heel for the Taliban if the plague spot is being given unstinting international support, especially by Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan because the people of Panjshir have close ties and sanctuary in Tajikistan.

Secondly, the two eminent anti-Taliban and opposing figures, Amrullah Saleh the chief of the country’s intelligence agency NDS (National Directorate of Security), and Ahmed Massoud the celebrated leader of the NRF, son of the most revered figure Ahmed Shah Massoud, the two having sworn allegiance and blood ties to Afghanistan can be regrouped and scheme to galvanize the population into forming a cohort of resistance against the Taliban.

But the Anti-Taliban or Northern Alliance resistance movement can only be strengthened and become powerful if they’re backed by international ministrations from America, India, the UK, and Israel or those countries who want to give a tough time to the Taliban and want their demands to be pleased by them. Otherwise, without international assistance and logistical support, there isn’t any major threat to the Taliban and hardly any chance of damage to them by these opponents.

Right now, the challenge faced by these opponents is they don’t have any competent leader except Ahmed Shah Masoud’s son, but he doesn’t seem to possess effective and great leadership qualities to become cock of the walk like his father.

However, Saleh tried to lead the resistance movement but failed to do it, as the people of Panjshir were not in his favour and showed hostility towards him, also he was infamy of being an Indian agent, habitual of stirring up hatred and making belligerent statements against Pakistan and other countries, so there is a slim chance of him to become a leader of this movement.

Ultimately, only Ahmed Shah Masood’s son can set up a cohort and give a hard time to the Taliban, but once the Taliban succeeds in governing effectively and maintaining peace in the country then the people of Panjshir will eventually repudiate the movement.
Decisively, their plan can only be achievable if they are endorsed by the international forces.

Pakistan being an immediate neighbour can play a pivotal role in catalyzing the peace process in Afghanistan.

Pakistan can prod a positive turn to the perpetual disputation, as the Taliban when they were assuming possession over Kabul, the leaders of the Northern Alliance and the Panjshir movement were in Islamabad and were in a cordial tie with each other, except Amrullah Saleh and a few more. To resolve this dispute the intervention of the external forces should be ceased that could sabotage the process of settlement. So the Taliban can only be damaged if these opponents get support from international forces, but right now there isn’t any capable leader among them who can combine forces against the Taliban and put them into trials without any abetment from anti-afghan external forces.


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