India’s war mongering attitude posing serious threat to regional peace: Farooq Haider.


BRUSSELS: Prime Minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan has urged world powers to take serious notice of India’s war mongering attitude, which is posing serious threat to regional as well as global peace.

He expressed these views in his separate meetings with Members of European Parliament (MEPs) Mrs. Isabel Wiseler-Lima from Luxembourg (EPP) and Luke’s Mandl MEP from Austria in the EU parliament Brussels.

The Prime Minster briefed the members of Parliament about the massive Human rights violations by the Indian military and paramilitary forces in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IOJ&K) and unprovoked shelling from across the Cease Fire Line (CFL) targeting civilian population in AJK.

He told that from last 100 days IOJ&K is under siege. “Indian government is planning a systematic genocide in Kashmir to change its demographic composition which is sheer violation of human rights and humanitarian law. Indian state terrorism is not limited to Occupied Kashmir but they extended it to CFL areas of Azad Kashmir”, he added.

Raja Farooq Haider further told the EU Parliament Members that in IOJ&K Indian forces are using rape as a weapon of war. “More than 6000 unmarked mass graves discovered in 06 districts out of 22. There are many incidents of massacres and mass rapes. These all acts of Indian government are crimes against humanity”, he added.

He further informed that civilian population residing along the CFL areas living under severe threat and facing the losses of lives and livelihood.

“The main targets of Indian forces on Ceasefire line areas are women, children, health centers and schools. People from CFL areas are migrating towards the safer places”, Haider informed.

The Prime Minister said India had waged unannounced war on both sides of CFL, which is a serious threat to regional as well as international peace.

He said that struggle for right to self determination in IOJ&K is completely indigenous. The people of IOJ&K are demanding their just right of self determination. UNCIP resolutions of 13th August 1948 and 5th January 1949 are agreements between India and Pakistan and both countries are bound to implement them.

“Kashmir conflict is not a bilateral issue between Pakistan and India, people of Jammu and Kashmir are necessary party of this conflict” he added

Prime Minister urged the international community to take serious and immediate notice of human rights violations in IOJ&K.


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