India pushing Kashmiri youth to wall, Sardar Masood Khan .


MUZAFFARABAD: Reacting sharply over the killing of over a dozen innocent people in last three days by Indian forces, Sardar Masood Khan, President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) on Monday said India has declared an all- out war against the people of Occupied Kashmir.

“Gruesome killing of 18 innocent youths in last 72 hours is a clear proof that blood-thirsty Indian forces deployed in Kashmir have crossed all limits and are pushing people of Occupied Kashmir to the wall,” President Masood said.

Condemning the killing and harassing of the youth during cordon and search operation in Bijbehara, Palmpore and Shopian areas of Occupied Kashmir, President Masood fully endorsed the protest call given by Joint Resistance Leader (JRL) against Indian unending Indian brutalities.

“Growing Indian brutalities against innocent youth create more fury and revulsion against India and will compel the youth to resort to violent means,” Masood Khan said emphasized that Kashmiri youth will never abandon their struggle for internationally recognized right to self determination.

He said that youth of Kashmir are fully cognizant of the danger and ill effects of slavery and that was reason that they are at the forefront of the struggle to liberate their motherland from illegal Indian occupation.

Accusing India of turning Kashmir into a big graveyard, AJK President said that India is interested only in keeping the land of Kashmir under its occupation to benefit from its rich natural resources. President Masood also condemned India media, working under the direct influence of ruling Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP), Rashtriya Swayamse- Savak Sangh for fanning anti Pakistan and anti Kashmir sentiment.

The President urged international community, especially United Nations’ Security Council to take of Indian forces. He expressed his hope that supreme sacrifices offered by valiant youths of Occupied Kashmir will soon crown with success.

Saying that Kashmiris will accept nothing short of complete freedom from India, President Masood recalled that over the past 70 years, India had tried both coercion and money to subdue and lure the Kashmiris but to no avail, as each passing day had witnessed greater intensity in the resolve of Kashmiris.


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