High time that we collectively support Kashmir on International Front” Ijaz Shah said in meeting with Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to Pakistan H.E Ali Alizada earlier today in Islamabad.


We support Pakistan’s stance on Kashmir, said the Ambassador when he started the meeting. He said that things have improved a lot as far as security front is concerned in Pakistan. He further added that they are enjoying their time in the country to the fullest.

While thanking him for positive gesture, Federal Minister for Interior Brig (R) Ijaz Ahmad Shah said that with changing global dynamics, we have to think of peaceful means to come up with solution for the Kashmir issue. There is no problem in the world that cannot be solved through dialog and negotiations. He added.

“We all understand the sensitivity of the situation” the Ambassador said while agreeing with the Minister over peaceful means of solving Kashmir issue. He also invited the Minister to visit their country and extended offers for increased mutual cooperation.

Towards the end of the meeting, Interior Minister asked the Ambassador to highlight the Kashmir issue on OIC and other international platforms. “It is very important that Kashmiris get to decide their own fate, taking away their basic right from them is inhumane and cruel. Pakistan will continue to support Kashmiris in their struggle” said Brig (R) Ijaz Ahmad Shah.


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