Foreign Tourists Visit Buddhist Complex in Takht Bhai.


PESHAWAR: Two women tourists from Italy on Friday visited the historic Buddhist complex and relics in Takht Bhai in Mardan district.

The Italian tourists Laura and Dara along with a guide went to Takht Bhai from Peshawar and visited the centuries-old Buddhist complex and relics.

They also performed yoga and received a detailed briefing on worship places of followers of Buddhism.

Briefing the tourists, the guide said that a comprehensive policy had been evolved for preserving and protecting the archeological sites and places in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. They were told that initiatives were being taken to carryout excavation on archeological sites through modern techniques and methods.

They were also informed about the latest discoveries and the rich Gandhara heritage in various parts of the province.

“The government is giving top priority to repair, renovation and preservation of archaeological heritage, and historical buildings in the province,” the guide said, adding that a plan had been chalked out to protect and preserve all ancient places and building in a proper manner.

The women tourists on Thursday visited the historic places and busy bazaars soon after they landed in Peshawar. The tourists enjoyed spicy foods in the city as well.
During their visit to various places, Laura and Dara mingled with the people and evinced a keen interest in the art, traditional foods, jewelry, cultural items and city’s ancient structures.
The Italian tourists visited crowded Muslim Meena Bazaar, historic Sethi House, Ghanta Ghar, Chowk Yadgar, Gor Khatri, Peshawar Museum, Heritage Trail, various bazaars in Saddar locality and enjoyed spicy foods in Namakmandi.
The foreign visitors also purchased some cultural and unique items, dresses, golden ornaments and enjoyed traditional foods while visiting different bazaars. They enjoyed barbeque and a ride in a decorated rickshaw as well.
Laura and Dara later went to historic Mohallah Sethian and visited the Sethi House. The Sethi House was built in 1837-1884.
The Sethi Mohallah, also known as Mohallah Sethian, is an old and traditionally arranged neighbourhood in the old city of Peshawar. The mohallah contains seven South Asian mansions built by the Sethi family.

The mansions were built in a style reminiscent of Central Asia with elaborate wooden carvings. The houses were completed in the late 19th century. The tourists praised the artwork at the Sethi House.
The foreign visitors said that Peshawar is a historic and safe city. They said that complete peace had been restored and tourists can now visit any place in the City and elsewhere in KP without any fear.
“We will share the experience of our visit to this historic city when we go back to our country,” the tourists said. They said the people of Peshawar are hospitable and friendly.

The tourists from China, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Italy and elsewhere from across the globe have now started coming to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa owing to the efforts being made by the Tourism Department to promote tourism and attract more tourists to the province.


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