Foreign Policy Achievements of the Government of Pakistan.


Naya Pakistan engaged the world with confidence and clarity; the Prime Minister personally met several world leaders; pursued vision of “peaceful neighborhood” based on principles and core interests. Resultantly, Pakistan has I) improved image & standing II) enhanced regional, global salience III) increased investment flows, and IV) an energized Diaspora.

Strengthened “All Weather Strategic Cooperative Partnership” with China marked by closer engagement and deeper convergence: phase-II CPEC, FTA-II concluded.

Forged stronger economic partnerships with Gulf countries, especially, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar yielding multi-billion dollar investments, budgetary support and deferred oil payments.

New phase in relations with the United States based on convergent interests and better appreciation of Pakistan’s role in the region. President Trump’s offer of mediation on J&K dispute is important.

Achieved positive re-engagement with Afghanistan at Summit level; supported peace process as shared responsibility, continued reconstruction assistance.

Followed constructive approach towards India with offer of structured dialogue, stress on peaceful resolution of Jammu & Kashmir dispute.80% of work on the Corridor completed on Pakistan’s side.

Deft handling of post-Pulwama developments, defusing crisis, with responsibility and restraint, but also firm resolve.

Forceful advocacy of Jammu & Kashmir dispute at all available forums, including the OIC, the UN, and the European and British Parliaments. Political and legal success in the Commander KhulbushanYadev case.

Finalized “Strategic Engagement Plan” with the European Union (EU).

Improved trajectory of relations with Russia, European and Central Asian partners.

Played leading role in combating Islamophobia, white collar crime and climate change with effective participation at UN,OIC,SCO and other multilateral forums.

Formulation of ‘Engage Africa’ policy, and deeper engagement with East and South East Asian countries.

Undertook steps to provide consular facilitation to Pakistanis and foreign nationals, including tourism facilitation, revision of Visa Policy, pursuing review of travel advisories, establishing Facilitation and Accreditation Centre for foreign diplomats, and introduction of digital attestation system.

Successfully presented Pakistan’s case in the FATF review process.


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