Foreign Minister Mr. Abdullah Hussain Haroon met the Press today to respond to the statement made by the US Secretary of the State, Mr. Mike Pompeo.


While talking to the Press Mr. Haroon stated that the Government of Pakistan is fully committed to undertake and complete CPEC projects in their totality. CPEC is important for future of Pakistan’s development & prosperity. Government of Paksitan will continue to ensure that all projects are completed according to agreed terms and within the stipulated timeline. CPEC a success will not be hostage to any third party self serving agenda.

He further stated that as regard to seeking IMF package, we categorically state that the caretaker government has neither applied nor has the mandate to decide the matter, especially at the juncture where the democratically elected Government is about to assume its responsibilities. It is a policy matter which has to be decided by the incoming elected Government.

Speaking further about the statement made by the Spokesperson of State Department regarding US desire to negotiate a mutally beneficial relationship with the new Government in Pakistan and the reported remarks of Secretary Pompeo about IMF bailout package, the Foreign Minister described them as a contradiction in terms.

He expressed concern over the implications on regional strategic stability arising from the continued US assistance to India in nuclear and dual use technologies, as is evident by the recent grant of individual licenses for the high technology weapons amounting to US 9.7 billion dollars. Apart from the discriminatory approach in this area, Pakistan’s achievements in the counter terrorism area remain largely unacknowldged as evidenced by withholding of Coalition Support Fund (CSF) reimbursements.

It is high-time that both countries work towards promoting shared goals of peace and development in South Asia and beyond.


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