Dost Muhammad Khan inaugurated Model Milk Sale Point at Peshawar through which 400 liters pasteurized, hygienic and pure milk would be provided to government institutions on daily basis.


Caretaker Chief Minister former Justice Dost Muhammad Khan inaugurated Model Milk Sale Point at Peshawar through which 400 liters pasteurized, hygienic and pure milk would be provided to government institutions on daily basis. He announced to extend this facility throughout the province in collaboration with private sector. He indicated that provision of healthy meat, poultry and eggs and other milk products like yogurt, cream, butter etc would also be started soon. Mobile milk testing laboratories are functional throughout the province which can provide the test results in one minute time and which can detect approximately 31 hazardous chemicals.
These views he expressed while talking to media after inaugurating Model Milk Sale Point here at Chief Minister Secretariat Peshawar. Caretaker Provincial Ministers, high rank officers of Livestock & Dairy Development Department and other relevant authorities were also present on the occasion.
Dost Muhammad Khan said that due to poor infrastructure, the rate of food born diseases was high. The poor marketing infrastructure has led to the menace of adulteration and in addition as hazardous chemicals are added to milk to increase its shelf life. The Livestock & Dairy Development Department took a bold step to counter this menace by establishing efficient laboratory network in the province. He said that billion of budget can be saved by providing healthy and hygienic meat, milk and poultry to the public. He said that his caretaker government was taking initiatives to facilitate the small dairy farmers. He underlined the need to improve vaccination system, repatriate of slaughter houses to livestock & dairy development department and to enhance capacity and mandate of this department to ensure pure and healthy dairy and poultry products. He indicated that an ordinance would be presented to governor within three days in this regard. He directed to extend services of the department to newly merged districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and said that the people of tribal districts mostly depend on domestic dairy farms and poultry farms, therefore we have to encourage and facilitate them. He further directed to focus on leather products and said that training should be arranged in order to collect the leather safely adding that leather products was a best source of foreign exchange. He also directed to collect complete data of small scale dairy farming and to drive an effective campaign to raise awareness level of small dairy farmers so that the regular vaccination could be ensured to curtail the rate of mortality.
Later, the Director General Livestock & Dairy development briefed the Caretaker Chief Minister about the establishment of milk and meat value chain, importance of department and its role in national economy, strength of department etc. He told that a modern meat testing laboratory would also be inaugurated soon and they will start with a model shop.
The Caretaker Chief Minister appreciated the performance of Livestock & Dairy Development Department for the provision of safe and healthy meat, poultry and milk. He also presented a shield to DG livestock on his best performance.

Caretaker Chief Minister former Justice Dost Muhammad Khan presided over a meeting of the provincial caretaker cabinet that asked the women commission on women status to revisit the draft proposals related to the women empowerment, their health and education related problems and redraft its recommendations in the new emerging landscape of the province after the merger of seven districts of the erstwhile FATA into Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. On this the caretaker cabinet extensively debated and the caretaker chief minister directed to incorporate the prerequisites required for the real empowerment of women in the society. He suggested creating an endowment fund in order to meet out the expenditure of the district committees on the status of women. It is important to give women financial and economic empowerment bringing them out of the fear to surrender their due rights in the society. There should be a complete package to be extended to the backward districts and the newly merged districts as well. The draft proposal sought to be approved that included the formation of the committees, its budgetary proposals and its approval. Caretaker Chief Minister said that the caretaker set up had earlier exercised its mandate for approval of the budget for the four months and it has the mandate to make readjustments that should be need driven. The Caretaker Chief Minister with the collective consent of the caretaker cabinet decided to return the draft to the commission for revisiting and making readjustments. He directed for the women empowerment in all sectors adding that the district committees and its members should be supported by the commerce and industries committee for marketing the handicraft of poor women of the backward districts excluding the middleman role as in the given situation, the poor women did not get the kind of benefit and return of their handicrafts. The Chairperson of the committee, former Justice Dost Muhammad Khan spoke out of the lenses of the cabinet should enjoy all fringe benefits, perks and privileges of BPS 21 government officer including the TA/DA in the field duties. The status of a chairperson needed to be fully explained and interpreted in order to avert any controversy between the commission and the district committee and among the commission the district committee and the provincial government. The existing law should be reconciled to the proposed law properly laying down the educational qualification for chairperson and her mobility in the decision making strata of their respective districts. The department concerned was directed that the new recommendations should be supported by cogent and convincing reasons. The professionally sound woman should be encouraged into the committees for properly safeguarding the women rights and improving the status of women in all sectors. The selection of chairperson should not ignore the personal integrity and honesty and more importantly their capacity to work for the women empowerment. These conditions would be relaxable in case of the newly merged and other backward districts lagging behind in all spheres especially in education. The entire exercise should be legally covered with the support of the legal practicing experts not less than three years.
Caretaker cabinet in its landmark decisions laid down a transparent criteria and procedure for depoliticizing the whole recruiting and appointing process of all the boards of intermediate & secondary education in the province. The set criteria for the appointment and recruitment on all posts from top to bottom should not be compromised. There will be search committee recommending suitably qualified persons for the chairman, other officers etc and their tenure would be linked to their performance audit especially, the contribution during their stay on the key posts. The cabinet after approval will send an ordinance for promulgation by the Governor giving it legal cover. This will be a depoliticized and transparent mechanism linked to certain performance based yardsticks. The Caretaker Chief Minister remarked his set up wanted to prepare a roadmap for the next government for quality education in the province. The politicization and the favoritism and unionism are the root causes of educational decline. Caretaker Chief Minister suggested that a three member committee comprising educationists, bureaucrats and office bearers of the board would be part of the tribunal for redressal of complaints and would decide each case within 21 days. The tribunal will be headed by a Judge of Ist class. This will discourage unionism in the all boards of the province, he added.
The cabinet also agreed to strengthen safety and security in Darul Amaan and Women Crises Centres. It constituted a committee to be headed by Secretary Establishment and other members included Secretary Law, Secretary Social Welfare, Secretary Local Government. The committee would identify the weaknesses in the system and firm up recommendations to have a strict, supervisory and administrative control. Caretaker Chief Minister directed the social welfare department to retrieve back all the centres from the local government department. The Law department will provide legal support in this regard. He directed well controlled women crises centres wherein all employees including the security guards would be women. The new mechanism must create a congenial environment in all the shelter homes and crises centres. He directed against any exploitative attitude towards women as such attitudes create psychological bearers for the women in their normal lives. The committee would comeback with recommendations within three days. All these recommendations would be adopted in the next cabinet meeting.
The cabinet also agreed to the repair and maintenance of government vehicles streamlining the whole process. Caretaker Chief Minister directed to evolve a permanent mechanism as these vehicles are public property and should be kept in workable and tidy conditions.
Winding up discussion, former Justice Dost Muhammad Khan said his caretaker set up deliver upto the mark performance as part of its constitutional responsibilities for the peaceful and successful conduct of elections in the province. Elections in the province were historic and peaceful. All administrative, supervisory and field officers did the best of their capacity, the people cooperation had no match and the security forces performed upto the mark. These were the factors that made the holding of elections a complete success story in the province. He appreciated the whole administration, the security forces, the local administration and especially the people for facilitating the polling staff and making peace at the polling booths. It was a collective responsibility that we collectively performed and we triumphed at the end of the day.


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