Decision of Foreign Funding Case , Will Increase Problems of Imran Khan.


Khawaja Hamza

Imran Khan’s anti-American and anti-establishment statements are having a great impact because the way he won the by-election in Punjab, people are saying that there were twenty seats, out of which he lost five seats, but there is no such thing, but the way PML N ran its campaign in Punjab and at Imran Khan’s time there was inflation and bad governance, the impression was that PTI will lost badly in Punjab, But PTI has won the election means that people like anti-establishment narrative and anti-American narrative and the current government has not taken any adequate measures to end inflation, which has also effected the entire political landscape. And if you remember, when PMLN went with anti-establishment narrative, they also got good reception in the elections and got success in local body elections too. I think the situation is very positive for Imran Khan, there is a possibility of him coming again because his vote bank is good in KPK and he will also give tough time to PML N . And in Sindh there are many problems of PPP among them bad governance and also there are many problems of corruption cases PPP may not be able to get more seats in Karachi. PTI and MQM and such political parties will come . I cannot give a final opinion whether Imran Khan will come in the government or not, But the possibility is there it depends how PML N controls the inflation, if they controls the inflation, then problems will increase for Imran Khan, if inflation is not controlled, Imran Khan’s chances are very high. If we talk about the case of foreign funding it can be an excellent tactic to scare Imran Khan. Now it depends how the judiciary and the Election Commission decide, if it is on the will of the establishment, the case will be hung further and if decision comes then Imran Khan’s problems will increase because it is said that he has a very weak position in Foreign funding case.