Commissioner Malakand Division Syed Zaheer-ul-Islam Shah has said that Anti-Pakistan forces forged monstrous nexus to harm this great nation.


Commissioner Malakand Division Syed Zaheer-ul-Islam Shah has said that Anti-Pakistan forces forged monstrous nexus to harm this great nation. As, he maintained, this nuclear state is considered the last fortress of Islam and hence inimical powers were bent upon to destroy the peace of entire region. However our youth from cross section of life foiled every such nefarious bid with prudence side by side with Pak army and other security agencies. Our youth has pledged to exploit their energies and capabilities for integrity and progress of their homeland that was sign of their bright future, he added.
He was addressing Knowledge Gala Swat and E-Malakand Conference at Saidu Medical College Swat. It was arranged by Pakistan Social Association (PSA) and Center of Information Technology (ICT) on subject of cyber security and strategic development goals (SDGs). The conference besides the IT scientists was also deliberated by Ammar Hussain Jaferi DG ICT who thoroughly highlighted aims and outcomes of the event. Awards on outstanding performance in cyber security were also distributed on this occasion.
Commissioner Malakand said the time has come for our youth to prove their worth in cyber security and millennium development alongside other sectors of life. “Excelling at-least the neighboring countries in all fields of soft and hard ware information technology was the immediate challenge for us wherein our youth must have to create healthy environment of completion for obtaining this goal”, he maintained. He said the developed nations have set their targets for the new century. Unfortunately the people of our region faced terrorism and natural calamities and hence we have to fix more ambitious goals and toil hard to achieve it accordingly. “We have to solve our problems by our own instead of looking towards others for help and hence we must have to face all the emerging challenges unitedly as one nation without the periscopes of regional or provincial expediencies. We also have to handle the social media and other IT applications with extra care and mold it towards our national prosperity rather than indulging in social degradation. Working with certain vision and integration are the tools of success in this regard”, he added.
Syed Zaheer-ul-Islam Shah vowed that the peace and knowledge loving people of entire Malakand region would never lag behind any other part of the country in race for promoting peace, prosperity, education, science and research activities. He expressed satisfaction to see the team of experts and scientists of PSA and ICT who he said were in-fact the people having the hearts for the nation. He assured that divisional administration would extend all out assistance to Ammar Jaferi and his team in having cyber security and national objectives. He further assured that youth of Malakand was replete with talent and hence the team would never face any difficulty in talent hunt for the required IT experts and scientists in the backdrop that peace and normalcy was also fully restored in the region. Later the Commissioner Malakand gave away awards and shields to the participants on behalf of the PSA and ICT.


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