Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan has directed to plan the efficient utilization of surface water resources for agriculture productivity.


Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan has directed to plan the efficient utilization of surface water resources for agriculture productivity, rain water storage for raising the water table and using them for cultivation in the barren land, cutting down the non developmental expenditure in order to create fiscal space for the timely completion of public welfare oriented projects in education, health and social sectors.
“The share of the districts having natural resources should be used in the infrastructure development, provision of drinking water, improving sanitation, efficient healthcare, education and infrastructure development in the respective districts”, he added.
He was presiding over three different meetings that included review of ADP schemes in public health engineering, works & services, irrigation and health departments at Chief Minister Secretariat Peshawar. Provincial Minister for C&W Akbar Ayub, Secretary Irrigation, Secretary C&W and other concerned authorities attended the meeting. The meeting thoroughly debated the schemes in these departments, the status of the schemes, the financial requirements, the existing fiscal space of the province and the time required for completion of these projects.
Addressing the meeting the Chief Minister underlined the need for effective strategy to bring the backward areas at par with the developed areas of the province. We have to develop our natural resources to use them for much required development and prosperity of both the people and the province. This province had a lot of resources, the only thing needed, is to tap them on scientific lines making these resources the baseline for expeditious development of our people.
He directed to use the surface and ground water resources both for power generation and agriculture sector development. It is strange to demand for a tubewell in an area where there was abundance of surface water resources. These resources could change the destiny of the people making them prosperous and their prosperity would also have an overall impact on the development of the province. He further directed to plan the development of such districts having share in their natural resources at national level. The resources in the shape of their share could be used for efficient services in all social sectors for the benefit of these areas.
Mahmood Khan directed to plan the completion of need driven schemes within the shortest possible time in sectors such as drinking water, education and health etc. The provision of resources would be taken care of by provincial government. He also directed to tap the gravity water resources for small dams in hilly areas. Such projects should be completed on priority basis and these projects would pay back immediately along with ensuring the benefit of the local populace, he added.
Chief Minister directed to work out all the outstanding dues of the province against the federal government that included royalty on net hydel power, oil & gas and other transfers from the federal government. The respective departments should take up the cases of transfers of resources to the province with the concerned quarters in federal level in order to facilitate the smooth and timely completion of projects in the province.
Chief Minister also directed to plan a comprehensive strategy for the construction of small dams, power generation through windfall and projects of solarization. The provincial government would find out donors to put such projects on ground through financial backing of the donor agencies.
Mahmood Khan also directed to make prioritization of projects in public health engineering, works & services, irrigation and health sectors, needed more attention for speedy completion in order to facilitate the people from these schemes. He assured provision of resources for the expeditious completion of these projects of public welfare oriented nature adding that the province has the fiscal space for these projects.
Chief Minister also directed for the collection of “Abiana”, restoration of special power previously held by different departments, the channeling and lining of irrigation channels, directing the finance department to make allocation for different packages in road communication, flood protection, conditioning the whole process to the legal framework worked out by the province.
Mahmood Khan directed that the capacity of different departments would have to be improved, immediate measures would be taken in the wake of merger of new districts of the erstwhile FATA. This province would need resources for infrastructure development in the newly merged districts. This is of immediate nature however in the meantime the province would provide resources for different steps and schemes in the newly merged districts for the benefit of people of the newly seven merged districts of the province.
Chief Minister further directed to plan a comprehensive package for the southern districts of the province. Projects of education and health, small dams, irrigation, road communication and drinking water should be part of the package for the southern districts. He directed the irrigation and public health engineering to carry out a combined study identifying the needs and requirements of different areas of the province for which projects in different sectors could be initiated for the public well being. He also directed to expedite the completion of different schemes under the umbrella projects in the province. He said his government would never allow the wastage of resources and reminded the participants of zero tolerance to corruption, corrupt practices, irregularities and nepotism under the PTI rule in the province.


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