Cheif Minister Jam kamal khan took oath at 6 clock pm and at 10 pm called a meeting of his staff and met Chief secretary….. from today we have started working.


Jam kamal khan gave guide lines and Instructions immediately on the below.

1. Nice and competent officers shall be put on position and those who have not been upto mark shall be replaced. Chief secretary at earliest shall see such and immediate action shall be taken

2. In each district a complaint sell shall be formed my DCs and that shall be connected with CM Grievances cell.

3. Each DC shall go to every tehsil once in a week, visit hospital, schools, Collage, Municipal town, offices. Same way commissioners to each district and secretaries shall cover their areas.

4. Special cell shall be formed in Islamabad to follow and pursue Balochistan matters with federal and Prime Minister office.

5. PSDP shall be reviewed and a committee shall be formed which shall examine it. There have been very wrong doings in Planning and development and needs urgent and stern actions.

6.CM office shall have a special cell to take public complaints and matters and follow it up.

7. All district DCs shall be instructed to make sure all public services are monitored and watched. The DCs and Commissioners shall fully make sure that public interest, service and works are done in the right manner. All these things shall be reported on a proper format to CS and CM on 15 days gaps.

8. The chief minister shall start his meetings with all departments and see what their progress is. Stern actions and directions shall be initiated to all.

9. Public interest and security shall be the utmost priority and no compromise on that. These instructions the CM initiated just 4 hours after taking oath.


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