Chairman Senate calls for declaring Dalian (China) and Gwadar as Sister Cities.


Chairman Senate Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani has proposed that Gawader and Dalian, a major city and seaport in the south of Liaoning Province, China should be made sister cities keeping in view the commonalities in two cites and bond of friendship between Pakistan and China.

As part of his visit, Chairman Senate while heading the parliamentary delegation reached Dalian via train where he visited Urban Planning Exhibition, harbor and port business building.

Chairman Senate also visited Poverty – alleviation project in in the city, Dalian new port in the after noon and later on attended a dinner hosted by the Leaders of Dalian city.

In a meeting with Mr. Xia Deren, Chairman of Liaoning Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) Chairman Senate said it was his first visit and he has witnessed remarkable development and economic progress in domain of public and national life in China. He said that in Beijing he has had very candid and fruitful discussion with Chairman National People’s Congress (NPC), Chairman CPPC as well as Foreign Minister of China. He said China and Pakistan are actively engaging at level of central governments but he believes that there is huge potential for cooperation among provinces, cities and regions of both the countries. He said that Dalian has a significant history of being financial, shipping and logistics center for Northern Asia.

The Chinese leader appreciated young leadership of Chairman Senate and praised his dressing. Chairman has opted to wear National dress- shalwar Kameez for all members of the delegation during the visit.

Sadiq Sanjrani said that Gwadar is future of Pakistan and expected to become hub of economic activities for the whole region. He said that Gwadar and Dalian have huge potential for future cooperation and we are eager to learn from experience of Dalian in area of development, trade and shipment.  He said that Dalian has immense experience in Industrialization, and development of Special Economic Zones and Pakistan can benefit from this experience while developing SEZs and developing hi-tech industry to take CPEC to the next level.

Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani said that Gwadar is the gateway of CEPEC, which is why it is witnessing the most rapid development, positively transforming the lives of people of Baluchistan and on the way of becoming hub of regional transshipment. Chairman Senate said that both the sides can also cooperate in education sector through scholarships exchanges and research in different specialties like Maritime studies, Medicine, Finance, Economics and Science and Technology.

During his visit Chairman has reiterated that for Pakistan China’s rise is source of regional and global stability. He said that the emerging regional scenario calls for indigenous solutions to the issues being faced by the Asia and China can play a major role in overcoming the challenges hampering regional development.

The Chairman Senate underscored the need for more close cooperation in fields of education, science and technology and said that people to people contacts and cultural cooperation will help cement ties. He said that enhanced interaction between different institutions, academia and think tanks will further enhance our mutual trust and understanding.

Regarding economic and trade relations, the Chairman Senate said that there is need to explore new vistas of cooperation and both the countries should engage in constructive discussions to reduce trade imbalance.



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