Balochistan CM takes action against corruption in public sector schemes.


Balochistan has taken action against corruption in the public sector development schemes. 

The government is conducting a sector-wise review of all the schemes under Public Sector Development Programmes, said Chief Minister Jam Kamal.

“Some of the schemes were never completed. We will find all those responsible for this,” he said. Kamal remarked that the officials who would not do their jobs were sent before the CM’s inspection team.

The team found problems with 400 schemes in 10 days. The team is preparing a report and will launch an investigation into this, he said.

CM Jam Kamal khan said that the schemes are completed on paper when work on them has not even been started in reality. “All the schemes will be verified.” The funds will be released once all the schemes have been accounted for, he added.

He remarked that the sessions of the Balochistan Cabinet are being held more frequently than in the past. ” The provincial government is running the provincial assembly smoothly,” he said. Smooth governance will bring Quetta on the road to progress, the CM added.


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