At least 70 people were killed when a train caught fire.


RAHIM YAR KHAN: At least 70 people were killed and scores injured when a train caught fire near the city area of Liaquatpur near Rahim yar Khan district of Punjab.

The train, Tezgam, was on its way from Karachi to Rawalpindi, when a gas cylinder carried by a passenger (a tableegi-preacher) exploded, leaving several dead and injured.

The fire destroyed three of the train’s carriages, including two economy class carriages and one business class carriage.

Rescue sources confirmed the news of the death toll and told that the dead bodies will be identified through DNA.
Hospital sources said, 10 of the dead bodies have been identified, while 17 are unidentifiable.

A Pakistan Railways official confirmed that the fire was caused by the explosion in a gas cylinder. After the blast, the raging fire engulfed two other coaches as well.

Railways Minister Sheikh Rasheed while speaking to media said, “Two cooking stoves blew up. They were cooking, they had [cooking]oil which added fuel to fire.”

“Most deaths occurred from people jumping off the train,” he added.

He added, men from a tableeghi jammat were travelling in the carriage where the incident occurred. “Bogies were severely damaged by the fire and they have been detached by the rest of the train,” he said.


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