AJK President condemns Indian firing at LoC .


Azad Jammu and Kashmir President, Sardar Masood Khan has strongly condemned the unprovoked Indian firing in Bhimber district of AJK that resulted in the killing of a young student.

Umar Subhani, a 20-year-old BSc student, was said to be making preparations for Iftar in the courtyard of his house in Danna Baroh village of Southern Bhimber district when Indian troops targeted him with small arms fire on late Wednesday.

While paying tributes to the AJK citizens residing along the Line of Control (LoC) for recurrently facing Indian blitz, the President said that it is extremely unfortunate that Indian forces were brazenly violating ceasefire agreement of 2003.

“India is escalating tension on LoC only to distract the world’s attention from the worst human rights violations by its forces in the Indian-occupied Kashmir (IOK),” Khan observed.

He added that India also wants to deter people of AJK from supporting the struggle of their brothers and sisters living on other side of the LoC.
He said that Indian acts at LoC could not dampen the spirit of Kashmiri people for the freedom of their motherland from Indian occupation.

Sardar Masood Khan further said India had failed to crush indigenous Kashmir freedom struggle in the past and it would not be able to defeat the courage and determination of the Kashmiris in future.

He pointed out that now Indian politicians, the media and civil society were also raising voices against what was happening in occupied Kashmir and they were calling for a political settlement of the lingering issue.
“It’s a welcome sign that voices like Arundhati Roy, who believes that Kashmiris should be given opportunities to express their opinions are being raised and heard even within India,” Khan said and urged New Delhi to pay heed to the ground realities of Kashmir and resolve the problems at the earliest.


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