A delegation led by US acting Ambassador to Pakistan John F. Hoover called on Chairman PTI Imran Khan and felicitated him over his party’s win in general elections 2018.


Islamabad: We pledge to make Pakistan a welfare state in its truest sense, as established by Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) hundreds of years ago. A state can be transformed into a welfare state only through justice, rule of law and meritocracy”, said Chairman PTI while addressing the first ever meeting of the parliamentary party of Punjab.

According to the details issued by party’s Central Media Department first meeting of PTI’s parliamentary party of Punjab chaired by Chairman PTI held today here at Islamabad. Addressing the meeting Chairman PTI vowed for implementing the true spirit of welfare state in the country as was introduced by the Last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him. He reaffirmed his commitment for bringing out the under privileged and weak segment of the society from poverty trap by providing them special incentives as was offered by the welfare state. “A state can be transformed into a welfare state only through justice, rule of law and meritocracy”, he added.

Chairman PTI stated that since 1970, this is the first time in country’s history when people voted for ideology. Criticizing both PMLN and PPP he stated that people made example out of these two parties for deviating from ideology and serving their personal agendas.

Moreover he stated that masses will reject those who come into politics to serve their personal interests. He urged the members to work tirelessly for the betterment of the masses stating that PTI’s performance will wipe out other parties from the political arena.

Vice Chairman PTI shah Mehmood Qureshi while addressing the meeting, has stated that few elections have steered the course of history. “The election of 1935 changed the history of subcontinent, the elections 1970 stands distinctive in its nature as masses were given the right to vote”, he added. “However the election of 2018 has given a new direction to the politics”, he marked adding that the voter has utterly rejected the corrupt lot that was hollowing the foundations of the country through bad governance, corruption and nepotism for decades.

“2018 appeared lethal to PPP in Punjab as it has been completely vanished from the province”, he remarked adding that PTI is now in the game. Coming down hard upon PLMN he stated that it is also on the verge of collapse.

Commenting upon Joint Opposition’s protest over alleged election rigging, Vice Chairman PTI stated that a group of crooks gathered in Islamabad. The only driving force behind the flop-show is hatred of “Imran Khan” and fear of popularity of PTI.
Later on briefing media about the details of the meeting Vice Chairman PTI Shah Mehmood Qureshi has stated that PTI has emerged as the single largest parliamentary party. “We now have the required majority to form our government in the centre as well as in Punjab”, he said. He added that PTI is the only party that has representation in all provinces and the centre. He thanked independent MP-elects for extending their support to PTI. Sharing the details of Chairman PTI’s address Shah Mehmood Qureshi stated that Imran Khan tagged election 2018, distinctive, as masses categorically rejected the corrupt elements.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi said Imran Khan also took the party into confidence over the challenges faced by the country. He said the PTI government will focus on the challenges on economic and foreign relations fronts. Vice Chairman PTI stated that Imran Khan termed Punjab as the epicenter of Naya Pakistan and urged the MPs to work for the betterment of the country selflessly.

In the meeting PTI leadership also paid tribute to the Late Saloni Bukhari and offered fateha for her.

According to the details issued by party’s Central Media Department a delegation led by US acting Ambassador to Pakistan John F. Hoover called on Chairman PTI today here at Chairman’s Secretariat Banigala. Issues of mutual interest including Pak-US relations, bilateral trade, and stability in Afghanistan came under discussion.
Chairman PTI Imran Khan thanked US diplomatic delegation and said that Pakistan and United State have witnessed many ups and downs in their relationship which were the outcome of trust deficit between the two countries. Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf, he said, wants to build relationship with United States based on trust and mutual respect and hence our government will engage with US to make this relationship more balanced and trustworthy. “We count trade and economic relations with the United States extremely important”, he said. He also emphasized on revitalization of diplomatic ties between the two countries and stressed upon the need to transform it for the benefit of both Pakistan and United States.

Shedding light upon the significance of stability in Afghanistan Chairman PTI has emphasized on political solution of the looming crisis in Afghanistan. I am glad, he said, that people in United States have ultimately started acknowledging significance of political solution as conflict and use of force can add to the damages instead of breeding a sustainable solution to the crisis. Stability in Afghanistan, he said, is the larger interests of Pakistan, America and the region and hence should be earned through viable political engagements.


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