8th September is celebrated as ‘Pakistan Navy Day’ to commemorate Pakistan Navy’s stunning performance against a much bigger and devious enemy during 1965 War. Daring attack by Pakistan Navy Warships on Dwarka and confinement of entire Indian Navy Fleet by PN Submarine GHAZI are the glorious reminiscence of the day.

In his message on the occasion, Chief of the Naval Staff, Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi said that Pakistan Navy commemorates this day to pay tributes to our Ghazis and War Heroes whose sacrifices and gallant acts instill in us a renewed spirit and unabating resolve. While fondly remembering the daring acts of our officers and men who humbled and frustrated the adversary, this day calls for rekindling the spirit of sacrifice and selfless devotion to the country. 

The Admiral reiterated that 8th September 1965 will remain a golden chapter in our naval history and continue to inspire our new generation of officers and sailors to be bold and innovative in our professional pursuits. We stand committed to keep the spirit of 8th September 1965 alive and pledge to defend our sea frontiers with unflinching resolve, devotion and commitment. 

 In order to commemorate this day and to pay tributes to our Shuhada and Ghazis Pakistan Navy arranged an impressive Four Dimensional demonstration of naval capabilities at PNS QASIM, Manora Karachi. Mr Murad All Shah, Chief Minister Sindh graced the occasion as chief guest. 

The special demonstration of Pakistan Navy assets and their capabilities included Skim past by Pakistan Navy surface combatants, Fly past by Aviation assets, Visit Board Search & Seizure (VBSS) operation, Search and Rescue operation drills, Para jumps, Fast Boat Recovery and Allouette helicopter aerobatics etc. Beach Assault drills were performed by Pakistan Navy Special Operation Forces comprising Pak Marines and Special Service Group (Navy). Pakistan Navy Frigates, Submarine, and Missile boats were also part of the demonstration. 

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Murad All Shah, Chief Minister Sindh highlighted Pakistan Navy’s heroic performance during 1965 war with reverence and pride, and expressed his satisfaction at the level of Pakistan Navy’s competence and capabilities displayed during the demonstration. 

A large number of Civil and Military dignitaries, families of Shuhada and war veterans were also present on the occasion.


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