The two sides held in-depth exchange of views on matters pertaining to bilateral cooperation as well as regional security situation. The focus of discussions was on the timely and effective implementation of the recently agreed Afghanistan-Pakistan Action Plan for Peace and Solidarity (APAPPS).
Warmly welcoming Mr. Hanif Atmar, NSA Pakistan profoundly thanked him and his delegation and greeted them with flowers for their visit to Pakistan during the Holy Month of Ramadan. NSA reiterated Pakistan’s commitment and unwavering resolve to broaden and further strengthen multifaceted cooperation with Afghanistan in the all spheres of mutual interest to include political, diplomatic, military, intelligence, regional connectivity, economic, trade, cultural and people to people.

Both sides conducted at length discussion and deliberated on all the issues and challenges faced by both the countries. Both the NSAs appreciated candid, frank and honest talking among themselves with a view to find plausible solutions for the future. Rising beyond the differences of past, it was greatly realised that both sides had the same warmth and affections for each other. Both sides spoke the same language and same vocabulary. Both sides expressed the common hope of a shared future. The discussion with mutual respect for each other made it very evident that both countries have every reason to come close and work with each other in a cooperative framework to carve a secure future.

Both sides established that “PEACE” was their common and biggest need of the hours which can come through the firm and sincere implementation of Afghanistan-Pakistan Action Plan for Peace and Solidarity (APAPPS). APAPPS has the potential to bridge the gaps of past and also make the bridges for the future.
Both sides reiterated to work closely on sincere implementation of APPAPS to seek peace which is so essential for the suffering people of both the countries.


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