Writers had launched targeted operation with their pens when Karachi was burning,” says Murad Shah


KARACHI: Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has said that Karachi was the largest city of Urdu speaking people and Urdu is the language which brought people of Pakistan closer to each other through common tool communication.

This he said on Thursday while addressing 11th International Urdu Conference here at Arts Council.
He said that Karachi has was the biggest city of Urdu speaking people. “It [Urdu} is the language of love, fraternity and also has the ability to removes the communication barriers among the people of different languages and interact easily with each other,” he said.

Mr Shah said that Urdu literature, poems and prose, have always tried to develop and foster fraternity among the people of different languages, religion and sects. “The people who did linguistic and sectarian politics gave nothing to this city but bodies in gunny bags, destruction and divide,” he said and added the peace-loving people of this city rejected them in general election and supported the government in returning peace, prosperity and light to the city. “On the platform of this conference, I assure people of Sindh that bright future belongs to them because they believe in pluralism and co-existence – this is the education our sufis, our leaders and our Urdu writers have taught us,” he said.

The chief minister said that his government was working hard to promote literature in national and regional languages. “Our Culture department has printed lot of books in Urdu and Sindhi languages,” he said and added “our literature is one of the best in the world because it has loud and clear message of respect for every one irrespective of any discrimination,” he said and recalled the literary work made by Fahmida Riaz. He said her death was a great loss to the country.
Mr Shah said that the gigantic task was restoration of peace and now it stood restored and now the government has started development works all over the city. “Very soon Karachi would be counted one of the best developed cities of the world,” he vowed.

He recalled that the literary activities had almost come to an end in the city when it was burning. “It was a dark era in the history of Karachi when people were being killed, their properties were burnt and the shutter down and wheel jam strikes had become order of the day,” he recalled and said even in those days our writers rejected the strike calls and launched targeted operation with their pen by writing poems, prose and articles. “Today, the contribution of writers, particularly this arts council and the journalists in restoration of peace cannot be ruled out,” he said.

The chief minister said that he was feeling proud to be amongst the leading literary figures of the subcontinent and Europe in the conference. “By profession I am an engineer and know how to make calculations but do not know the basic alphabet of literature,” he said and added “sometimes, I try to be a literary by reciting poems in my budget and assembly speeches but have always read incorrectly,” he said in a lighter mood.
Murad Ali Shah welcomed all the guests in the city and vowed to be serving them from the platform of the Arts Council.