World peace faces new threat from extremist agenda of extremist RSS, VHP rule in India; warns Shehryar Afridi  


ISLAMABAD – Minister for SAFRON and Narcotics Control Shehryar Khan Afridi has said that the world peace faces a new threat from the Hindu fundamentalists of RSS and VHP who are involved in genocide of minorities in India to create a Greater India annexing smaller states South Asia.

Addressing the British lawmakers and scholars at London and hosted by Lord Nazir Ahmed and others, Afridi said that it would be a folly to see the annexation of Kashmir on a gunpoint by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as an isolated move and rather one needs to see the bigger plot.

“This is a bigger plot designed by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) family who are involved in targeted attacks on Christians, Muslims, Sikhs and Dalits in across India. They demolished Babri Mosque and they would demolish Taj Mahal and other historic buildings as they don’t represent Hindu pride,” the minister said.          
Afridi said that the ideologues of Hindu extremists wanted to form a greater India on the lines of ancient Hindu ruler Ashoka who, according to Hindu myth, once ruled entire South Asia.
“The RSS and VHP goons are not being challenged by anyone and they kill and lynch minorities on will in across India. If the world doesn’t rise to save Kashmir, this Hindu extremism may try to eat away entire South Asia,” he said.
Shehryar said that Narendra Modi is not being challenged by India’s state institutions as Modi is presenting himself as a follower of Hitler and Mussolini.

“We need to understand that even the uniform of RSS activists is a mixture of what followers of Hitler and Mussolini used to wear. RSS leader M S Golwalkar drew lessons from Hitler and used to preach the genocide of Indian minorities. Modi is implementing the same RSS ideology now,” the minister said during his lecture.

Afridi said that Kashmir is the first major fort taken over by Hindu extremists and all human rights activists irrespective of their faith and beliefs must stand up and stop this extremist force.

“If we fail to stop RSS goons, I fear they won’t stop here. They would attack Azad Kashmir. Pakistan is the only thorn in South Asia which poses a challenge to Modi’s Madness. Modi Madness is being pushed by goons of RSS who want to cleanse Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and Dalits one by one from India. We must thank our forefathers who made Pakistan a strong and potent military force hence they might have attacked Pakistan by now,” said the minister.

He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan was leading the way to spread awareness in the world of the threats posed by Hindu extremists. He urged the British lawmakers to work along with Pakistani parliamentarians and business leaders to warn the world of the threats posed by Hindutva regime ruling India.
Shehryar Afridi said that Pakistan army is pride of the humanity and overseas Pakistanis must take pride for being from a country which is working for regional and world peace.

“If we did not have a strong army, God forbid Pakistan would have been run over by extremist Hindus just like Iraq, Syria, Libya and other countries were overtaken by extremists,” he said and added that we need to think why today despite being second biggest population in the world, the Muslims are being targeted in across the world.
He said entire Pakistan stand united irrespective of political divide to defend Kashmir and no one would ever compromise on Kashmir which was a human issue now.

He said Pakistan takes pride in its sons who are earning respect for Pakistan by serving the people of United Kingdom as parliamentarians. He said that it was a matter of delight for Pakistanis that their brothers not only worked days in and days out for Britain but they were also serving the British as their lawmakers.

He urged overseas Pakistanis living in United Kingdom to work diligently for the welfare and good of the British people so as this bond between the two countries could be further strengthened. 



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