The Steering Committee on Economic Diplomacy met in Islamabad to begin devising a strategy to achieve the country’s economic diplomacy goals.


ISLAMABAD: SAPM on National Security Division and Strategic Policy Planning Cell, Dr. Moeed W Yusuf, chaired a meeting of the Steering Committee on Economic Diplomacy. The committee discussed the modalities to come up with a strategy to improve the country’s international standing through economic diplomacy. Officials from various ministries were present in the meeting who discussed modalities for inter-ministerial coordination in implementing the strategy.

The Strategic Policy Planning Cell (SPPC), housed in National Security Division, has been directed by the Prime Minister to assess comprehensive security situation in its various dimensions including traditional, economic and human security and provide input on strategic responses to Pakistan’s internal and external challenges. In this regard, SPPC has established a Steering Committee and an expert Working Group to deliberate on the economic diplomacy paradigm and submit its draft strategy to the Prime Minister. The aim of the working group is to come up with a comprehensive plan which will coordinate the efforts of different ministries to improve our country’s ability to pursue economic diplomacy with other nations.

SAPM Dr. Moeed W Yusuf said that Economic Diplomacy is an umbrella encompassing finance, economics, trade, labor, tourism, among other sectors, all of which should be synergized to achieve better linkages with the world and accelerate economic growth.

The participants of the meeting discussed the areas in which Pakistan can successfully leverage economic diplomacy to improve bilateral economic and diplomatic ties. The Steering Committee will be the forum where the strategy will be discussed and finalized.

SAPM Dr. Moeed Yusuf said that by bringing politicians, technical experts and bureaucracy together, better results can be achieved in terms of ensuring overall gains for the country.

Strategic Policy Planning Cell (SPPC) is the intellectual hub for evidence-based policy planning on issues relevant to the National Security Committee. These pertain primarily to various aspects of traditional, economic/financial and human security. The mainstay of SPPC is the Council of Experts consisting of think tanks, universities and independent policy experts. Economic Diplomacy Working Group is a part of the Councils of Experts.