From the briefing of Secretary Election Commission Babar Yaqoob, it was clarified that he did not express any doubt and fears about postponement of election but he was confident that the Elections are going to be held on time on July 25th July contrary to the news appeared in some section of media today. However as former Chief Secretary, he shared his experience in Balochistan regarding terrorist threats. To his security concerns, the member senators of Senate Standing Committee on Interior committee also expressed their graver concerns saying if this kind of possibility of terrorism is there on Election Day. The Chairman Senator A. Rehman Malik and members of the committee showed their fear of possible attacks by Daish which is consistently attacking the law enforcers in Balochistan and most recently two police officers have been killed. In the meeting security of the public on polling day was discussed in details and the committee extended its full support to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). Secretary Election Commission of Pakistan Mr. Baber Yaqoob specially referred to previous Election of 2013 when he was Chief Secretary of Balochistan and shared his experience with the Committee.
The news of any conspiracy which is falsely appeared in some section of media is out of context as Secretary Election Commission of Pakistan even did not mention any of such word or any idea during his briefing to the committee. He further stated that Election Commission is all set to hold Election on 25 July.
As far as the ‘foreign conspiracy’ is concerned the secretary ECP did not say anything about sabotage of election because of any foreign conspiracy. Some section of media misreported which created unnecessarily hype and uncertainty in the country particularly among the politicians.
It is clarified that as per the briefing by Secretary Election Commission of Pakistan after the announcement of date i.e. July 25, 2018, the theory of conspiracy as alleged in the media is not based on facts and whatever concerns were discussed these were related to terrorism and discussion was made about how to ensure free, fair and secure elections.
The Senate Standing Committee on Interior had called the meeting to have detailed briefing to know the measures taken by the provincial governments to ensure the public security and voters on the day of polling.



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