The process to formulate Economic Diplomacy Strategy finalized.


ISLAMABAD: SAPM on National Security Division and Strategic Policy Planning Dr. Moeed Yusuf chaired the 3rd meeting of Steering Committee on Economic Diplomacy today. The process to formulate Economic Diplomacy Strategy was finalized in the meeting. Senior officials from more than 30 ministries were present in the attendance.

SAPM Dr. Moeed W Yusuf said that we are looking at the aspects which can be brought into harmony and be focused in one direction to achieve economic objectives. A rigorous Economic Diplomacy strategy will enable Pakistan to realize its economic goals.

The participants from various ministries dealing with different facets of Economic Diplomacy took part in the meeting and exchanged their views on multiple dimensions of Economic Diplomacy Strategy. The participants deliberated on devising a systematic and integrated approached strategy to foster economic growth.

In the meeting, ways to improve inter-ministerial coordination were discussed. It was emphasized that coordination between the ministeries would be crucial to achieve the broader national goals.

During the meeting, the participants also discussed how different strengths of Pakistan can be leveraged to achieve the national objective of prosperity and growth.

SAPM Dr. Moeed Yusuf said that economic revival is one of the main priorities of the current government, and Economic Diplomacy and Economic Security is the key to its accomplishment. The focus is on adding value by bringing the different policies and functions of the government together and use diplomacy to promote economic interests.

Among other initiatives to boost economic growth, one of the initiatives of the government is to leverage economic diplomacy. For this purpose, the National Security Division (NSD) is tasked by Prime Minister to spearhead the process of developing a comprehensive and coherent strategy of Economic Diplomacy to achieve the objectives of economic revival. The process will continue in the coming weeks and at the culmination, when the document will be ready, it will be shared with the Prime Minister for approval.


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