The meeting presided over by the care taker Chief Minister was also attended by Chief Secretary KP, Additional Chief Secretary of the newly merged districts and other administrative secretaries.

The cabinet meeting proposed the establishment of a new department for speedy development in the newly merged seven districts. A subcommittee of the cabinet was formed to present a detailed report on the establishment of new department within a week time. This step would aim at providing policy guidelines to the new elected government in order to give more and more relief to the people of these areas. The cabinet on this occasion also approved the new strategy to seek the help of the donor agencies for financial assistance.

The cabinet also directed to evolve a policy to stop rapid seasonal changes, reduction in water resources and other related issues.

Speaking on this occasion, the caretaker Chief Minister said that solid measures have to be taken to ensure development in the newly merged districts adding that the first and foremost step in this respect would be to provide immediate relief to the people of those districts in order to restore their confidence in the new set up. He said that routine kind of developmental works would not be enough as it was an important matter which could not be ignored.

The meetings also discussed in detail the National Water Policy and responsibilities of the government to this effect. Dost Mohammad Khan on this occasion directed to frame a policy regarding increasing crisis of water in order to give guideline to the forthcoming government.

He said that water was being used very judiciously in other countries and added that used water was being treated and made use able again whereas there was no such arrangement in our country. He also stressed the need for transparency in using the government resources as the poorest of the poor were also paying taxes which should not be misused. He said that there would be no deficit in the budget if we all fulfilled our responsibilities judiciously.


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