The Afghan Government’s Internal And Regional Challenges.


Khawaja Hamza

The foremost challenges faced by the Afghan government are the violation of women’s rights and economic depression. The challenges faced by women and girls are the collapse of their rights to education and employment and risks to their basic survival.

It is not easy to tackle such a situation because it is a tedious task to elucidate to these hard-line leaders that imposing harsh rules in the country can jeopardize the ailing economy in the doldrums. Furthermore, Interpretation of such circumstances to the transnational community would not be easy. The restrictions imposed by these Islamic fundamentalists and zealots, depriving women of basic human rights are being justified as caging them in homes is for their protection, security, and ensuring a peaceful and safe environment for women free from all social evils.

Secondly, in case such rights are granted to them, it will be impossible to tackle these fanatics and fighters in the country, proclaiming that providing freedom to women will be against countless rules and infringement of shariah laws that have been imposed on women by Taliban. Which further exacerbates the situation in the country.
However, the current interim Afghan government is under a lot of pressure from the international community regarding the infringement of women’s rights in the country. The prevalent uncertainty and humanitarian catastrophe have been tarnishing the image of Afghans among the global community. Perilous economic conditions and financial instability, create another challenge for the Afghan government. The only way conducive to such a grim situation is to gain international recognition and acceptance, to secure funds for its survival.

Fair and square it is not possible for the contemporary government to control and handle the situation on its own. Why? They are confronted with a huge financial crunch, exiguous means to generate income and revenue, a dearth of global trading and investment, and a lack of industrial growth.
Moreover, securing financial aid from donor agencies without recognition and acceptance is another impediment to achieving economic growth in the country. The only way to make it through successfully is by complying with their demands and having a flexible foreign policy for obtaining financial assistance from international donor agencies. Bowing to their insistence is a dilemma for the Afghan government and it is also the panacea and sole light of hope in managing both balances of payments and its collapsed finances.
To steer the government and regulate its economy can only be achieved through bailouts from international funding organizations. Secondly, the Afghan government pledges to bring change and call for the removal of restrictions imposed on them so they can run the affairs of the state smoothly. As the newly formed government is inexperienced and needs to restructure the entire system. There isn’t any established chain of command that can provide directions to steer the government. All these challenges are associated with international recognition, acceptance, and supply of funds. If timely assistance is provided by the international donor agencies, then the Afghan government can come out of this vicious circle.

Moreover, non-state actors, international allied forces, and militant groups TTP extremist groups settled and working in Afghanistan involved in Pak-Afghan terrorism were previously working with the Taliban against the US.

These extremist cohorts are also involved in spreading conspiracy against other countries. It’s a great challenge for the Afghan government to combat such forces.
Taliban a predominantly Pashtun and Islamic fundamentalist that returned to power in Afghanistan after a prolonged insurgency, Pakistan has been significantly affected in this region. Basically, Afghanistan’s previous anti-Pakistan govt appeasing Modi regime has been quelled and Afghanistan media is now exhibiting positivity towards Pakistan.

The entire world has made untiring efforts to run the Afghan govt on its terms and conditions but failed to accomplish it. The only way left is to accept the Taliban government and strengthen foreign ties with them. Regional states have embraced the Taliban regime altruistically except India.


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