Islamabad, ​Thanking ceremony to FAO for Edouard Souma Award 2018-19 was held in the Ministry of National Food Security and Research today. Federal Minister thanked FAO for honoring and acknowledging Pakistan’s efforts to control Foot and Mouth Disease.

​FAO has awarded Ministry of National Food Security and Research with Edouard Souma Award 2018-19 on development of National Control Program for Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) in Pakistan under FAO Technical Cooperation Program (TCP).

​Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) is the most prevalent and economically important infectious disease of livestock in Pakistan. The FAO TCP addressed government request to translate FMD control strategy into a national control program. TCP initiated critical activities to implement the program including mass vaccination with matching stains. A National FMD Control Program project document was also prepared under TCP in consultation with all stakeholders. Planning commission of Pakistan approved the project and this project is part of the Public Sector Development Program of Pakistan.
Ministry of National Food Security and Research will implement this program with FAO cooperation. Government of Punjab has launched UTF project with FAO for the control of FMD and PPR in selected areas of the province. Pakistan aims at achieving its FMD control Program endorsed by the OIE this year and to get PCP Stage 3 in next 3 years. This can open up additional export markets for Pakistani meat.

​FAO representative to Pakistan Ms. Mina Dowlatchahi said that she was proud that Ministry of NFS&R achieved the award for its services to control FMD. Humble assistance of FAO will always be there at National and Provincial levels. She also said that the livestock sector will get a great boost after the implementation of Prime Minister’s Agriculture Emergency Program.

​At the concluding session Federal Minister said that the Ministry of National Food Security & Research have a highly regard for FAO for granting Edouard Saouma Award 2018-19 and this cooperation will continue till FMD eradication from the country.


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